The Jerry Richardson Stadium in University of North Carolina will host the 2023 IFAF Americas  Continental Championship ©IFAF

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) have claimed that the launch of the 2023 IFAF Americas Continental Flag Football Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be part of the "biggest ever cycle of global flag football competition".

The event is to be hosted by USA Football and has been scheduled three months before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Mumbai, when a final decision on the inclusion of additional sports for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics is expected.

It is one of three continental championships scheduled to take place in the run-up to the 2024 World Championships.

IFAF insists the tournaments heralds "a time of sustained global growth for the discipline".

Flag football is one of nine sports bidding to join the Olympic programme.

"We are delighted to announce USA Football as host of the 2023 Americas Continental Championship, one of the pinnacle events in an expanding international calendar that speaks to the growing competitiveness of flag football around the world," IFAF President Pierre Trochet said. 

"Nowhere is that more true than in the Americas, this event promises to be an amazing showcase of the depth of talent right across the region, from north to south, building on flag football's ever-expanding popularity and propelling the game to even greater heights." 

It will be the first of three continental championships held this year and serves as a qualification event for the men's and women's 2024 IFAF World Championships in Lahti, Finland.

IFAF now claim 20 million participants in over 100 countries.

The sport was included at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama where the United States won men's gold and Mexico took the women's title.

"With the reigning World Games champions participating, the Americas Continental Championship will be one of the most competitive flag football events on the 2023 calendar," IFAF Americas director Javier L’Episcopo said.

"Flag football's accessibility and inclusiveness contribute to it being one of the world's fastest growing sports, but it helps to have elite athletes and ambassadors, the Americas Continental Championship is another opportunity for them to shine and represent the sport we love."

The 2023 IFAF Americas Continental Championship is scheduled to be held from July 5 to 7 ©IFAF
The 2023 IFAF Americas Continental Championship is scheduled to be held from July 5 to 7 ©IFAF 

The United States Performance Center (USPC) has become the designated home of USA Football following a partnership deal signed last December.

The tournament is expected to take place at the Jerry Richardson Stadium at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

"USA Football is proud to partner with the USPC to host the 2023 Americas Continental Flag Football Championship and to continue raising the bar for flag football by constructing the US national teams and elevating the game’s standard," USA Football chief executive and executive director Scott Hallenbeck said.

"Flag football's draw as a popular global sport has helped mould world-class teams in North and South America."

The competitions for men and women are scheduled to take place from July 5 to 7.