Mexican flag football quarterback Diana Flores starred in a two-minute commercial that was aired after the NFL Super Bowl half-time show ©NFL

Mexican flag football quarterback Diana Flores starred in a commercial that was aired after the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl half-time show.

The two-minute advert was part of the NFL’s "Run With It" campaign for this year’s Super Bowl that focused the spotlight on flag football

More than 100 million people were expected to tune into yesterday’s Super Bowl as Kansas City Chiefs overcame Philadelphia Eagles.

The commercial saw the NFL pull off a stunt to trick the audience into thinking Flores was being interviewed live by Fox Sports anchor Erin Andrews before she tries to take the Mexican quarterback’s flag.

Flores proved too fast as she set off on an epic chase that seemingly spilled out of State Farm Stadium and onto the streets of Glendale.

Several high-profile NFL players including Cam Heyward of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams and Aidan Hutchinson of the Detroit Lions, fail to stop Flores who managed to evade them all with impressive speed and athletic ability.

Diana Flores evades tacklers in the streets as they try to grab her flag ©NFL
Diana Flores evades tacklers in the streets as they try to grab her flag ©NFL

Tennis great Billie Jean King also featured in the advert which ended with the message "To the women pushing football forward, we can’t wait to see where you take this game".

The commercial was directed by Bryan Buckley who has directed more than 60 Super Bowl adverts.

Flores has been a member of the Mexican women’s flag football team since 2014 when she made her debut at the age of 16 and helped her nation win gold at the Birmingham 2022 World Games.

"We’ve always prided ourselves in creating Super Bowl ads that deliver blockbuster entertainment to fans worldwide, but what’s notable this year is that 'Run With It' is rooted in the game of flag football, one of our most important long-term strategies," said Tim Ellis, chief marketing officer for the NFL.

"Flag football is universal, inclusive, fast and fun, and with this creative, we are thrilled to not just elevate flag, but specifically highlight how women are changing the game, driving the future of football forward and inspiring generations to come."

The International Federation of American Football and the NFL are pushing for flag football to be included at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

Flag football is among nine sports on the shortlist to be added to the programme.