“Recognising future trends in sports, the University World Cups are one way through which FISU keeps innovating. Bringing university sport to more school campuses enhances the student experience. The newest member of FISU events combine the best of games, entertainment and culture.”

University World Cups

The University World Cups complement other International University Sports Federation (FISU) events like the World University Games and the World University Championships. These events are played out in a university-versus-university format and their mission is to help bring student-athletes into the fold who might not otherwise step onto the international university sports scene.

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2022 University World Cups

In 2022, University World Cups were held around the world in four different sports.

These were 3x3 basketball, finnswimming, handball and combat sports.

A football event is planned for 2023 in China.

April 1-2FinnswimmingLignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
July 11-17HandballPristina, Kosovo
September 21-30Combat sportsSamsun, Turkey
October 27-293x3 basketballIstanbul, Turkey
October 21-November 31, 2023FootballJinjiang, China

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A Sports Innovation Partnership

There is perhaps no better legacy than giving young people a chance to take part in sports among an international community.

Through the University World Cups, FISU’s aim is to increase sports participation at universities and help student-athletes have university sports experiences that last a lifetime.

As the home of university sports, FISU employees’ day-to-day lives revolve around collaborating with global partners to keep innovating for the future of sports.

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3x3 Basketball: The roots of the University World Cup

With all the sports options out there, why did FISU decide to start the University World Cup concept back in 2015 with 3x3 Basketball? That’s easy: 3x3 basketball is where culture, sport and innovation collide. Already, 3x3 Basketball is the most popular urban team sport in the world.

3x3 Basketball is a game pretty much everyone can play, anywhere in the world. With teams composed of three players, plus one possible substitute, it is easy to field a team. It is just players playing as no coaching is allowed during a competition.

The simplicity of the 3x3 game stands out: all you need is a hoop, a ball, some team-mates, and a little competition. 

There is not even a mandatory surface; a tournament can take place on concrete, asphalt or an existing/temporary court. Bringing sport into the centre of university campus life was the goal FISU set out to achieve with University World Cups. The format has delivered.

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University World Cup Football

Following the success of the University World Cup 3x3, FISU launched the University World Cup - Football in 2019.

FISU's newest sports property set the bar high with its inaugural edition held in Jinjiang, China from November 21 to December 1, 2019.

The tournament in Jinjiang paved the way for the future of university-versus-university competition in the world's most popular sport.

The event was in the works well before the world finals took place in Fujian Province. Sixteen of the best men's teams and eight women's teams had booked their ticket to China through five continental qualifying tournaments that were held through 2018.

There were also quotas allotted to Federation of University Sports of China for home teams, as well as two wildcard teams in both the men’s and women’s draw.

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. University of the Republic (URU)
  2. University of Wollongong (AUS)
  3. Myongji University (KOR)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. University of Ottawa (CAN)
  2. Paulista University (BRA)
  3. College of Asian Scholars (THA)

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FISU World Cup Combat Sports 2022

The inaugural International University Sports Federation World Cup Combat Sports took place in Samsun in Turkey in September 2022.

Six sports were on the schedule - sambo, wushu, muaythai, wrestling, boxing and karate.

Ondokuz Mayıs University was home to the Athletes' Village, while competition was spread across four venues.

Boxing, karate and wushu were all held at the university, while muaythai athletes were welcomed at the Ilkadim Okculuk Sport Hall, one of the facilities affiliated with the Samsun Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate.

Wrestling and sambo took place in Mustafa Dagistanli Sport Hall.

Hosts Turkey enjoyed the event and finished top of the medal table.

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FISU World Cup Handball 2022

Kosovo hosted the first edition of FISU World Cup Handball in July 2022.

There were home winners of the men's event as the University of Pristina defeated Kangwon University from South Korea 33-30 in a tight final.

This was the first-ever global sporting event hosted in Kosovo.

In the women's competition, Korea National Sports University won the gold medal by defeating Spain's University Castilla/La Mancha 32-22.  

Fourteen teams took part - eight in the men's event and six in the women's.

Matches took place at the Palace of Youth and the 1 October Hall.

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3x3 Basketball - Finals in 2022

The 2022 edition  of the 3x3 basketball University World Cup was held in Istanbul in Turkey following the competition's move from Xiamen in China.

Brazil's defending champions Paulista University reclaimed the men's title while the women's crown went to Chinese Culture University of Chinese Taipei.

Paulista saw off Macquarie University of Australia in their final while Chinese Culture got the better of Monterrey ITES of Mexico.

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. Paulista University (BRA)
  2. Macquarie University (AUS)
  3. Monterrey ITES (MEX)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. Chinese Culture University (TPE)
  2. Monterrey ITES (MEX)
  3. Royal International University (MGL)

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3x3 Basketball - Finals in 2019

During the tournament's fifth edition, defending women's champions Tsinghua University of China and first-time men's qualifiers Paulista University of Brazil returned to campus as the reigning university world champions of 3x3 Basketball after four days of high-intensity hoops.  

Since the inaugural edition, Huaqaio University in Xiamen has hosted this electrifying event on their home court. Huaqiao, therefore, automatically qualify for the finals. The rest of the teams have come through tough continental qualifying tournaments to earn their place in the finals. The 2019 finalists once again represented university teams from all continents.

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. Paulista University (BRA)
  2. University of Chile (CHI)
  3. Huaqiao University (CHN)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. Tsinghua University (CHN)
  2. University of Vienna (AUT)
  3. Islamic Azad University (IRI)

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3x3 Basketball - Finals in 2018

The 2018 edition took place in Xiamen, China from November 15 to 18, when the tournament was still called the 3x3 FISU World University League.

Chinese teams won both the men's and women's competitions thanks to success for Huaqiao University and Tsinghua University respectively.

Huaqiao University beat McGill University of Canada 21-15 in the men’s final, while Tsinghua University defeated Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University of Ukraine 17-14 in the women’s.

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. Huaqiao University (CHN)
  2. McGill University (CAN)
  3. Vytautas Magnus University (LTU)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. Tsinghua University (CHN)
  2. Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (UKR)
  3. University of Ljubljana (SLO)

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3x3 Basketball - Finals in 2017

After four days and seven games, two university 3x3 teams strode to centre court to accept the individual medals and team trophy bestowed upon the victors of the 3x3 FISU World University League finals. The two teams, though, took different paths to the title.

In Xiamen, the winning continued as the Chinese Culture University ran the table from preliminaries to finals. To take the title, the team defeated the University of Regina 21-12 in the final.

Mon-Altius Physical Education Institute, meanwhile, took a more circuitous route to the 2017 men’s title. The Mongolian team lost their first two games in the preliminary pool play before finding their groove in the knock-out rounds. Mon-Altius made an inspired run to the championship, defeating the University of Kragujevac of Serbia 21-17 in the finals.

The International Basketball Federation's then secretary general Patrick Baumann, who tragically died after suffering a heart attack in October 2018, claimed he was "very happy" with FISU’s work in developing the sport of basketball, particularly 3x3.

"It’s very cool," he said.

"We’ve been working on this for about 10 years.

"[FISU] brings together the best teams, with a very high level of competition.

"FISU was very fast to jump on the train to help organise 3x3 since basically the beginning.

"It’s the perfect game for university students.”

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3x3 Basketball - Finals in 2016

A total of 32 teams - 16 men and 16 women - from 23 countries competed for the medals. When the dust settled on the men’s side, McGill University beat France's University of Bordeaux. The Canadians defended their title, having also beaten the Frenchmen from Bordeaux in 2015.

In the women’s final, another Canadian team, the University of Regina, took the lead early, but Lithuanian Sports University stormed back. With an efficient offense, Lithuanian Sports University reached the top of the podium by winning 21-14.

The event also featured shoot-out and dunk contests, much to the delight of both the crowd and competitors.

The competition had an impressive reach. CCTV broadcast the games daily, while Eurosport also covered the event. Additionally, FISU TV live streamed all the games and contests to a global audience. 

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. McGill University (CAN)
  2. University of Bordeaux (FRA)
  3. University of Kragujevac (SRB)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. Lithuanian Sports University (LTU)
  2. University of Regina (CAN)
  3. Chinese Culture University (TPE)

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3x3 Basketball showcases the University World Cup concept in 2015

What started as an idea to bring elite sport events onto the middle of a university campus became a reality when Huaqiao University in Xiamen, China hosted FISU’s first international 3x3 basketball tournament where student athletes competed for their universities instead of their national team.

Dubbed the "World University League" for the first three years, the event proved so successful that FISU grew the programme to include football and changed to the University World Cup in late 2017.

In the inaugural edition of the women’s final, the Chinese Culture University faced off against the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. Led by China’s Wu Di, who has the distinction of being the first university player in the national team of China, the Chinese Culture University won 21-13.

Women’s League Final 2015

Men's League Final 2015

The men's final, between the Université du Québec à Montréal of Canada and the University of Bordeaux of France, came down to the last play. The Canadian university came out on top with a 17-16 win.

Final standings - Men's competition

  1. Université du Québec à Montréal (CAN)
  2. University of Bordeaux (FRA)
  3. Peking University (CHN)

Final standings - Women's competition

  1. Chinese Culture University (CHN)
  2. Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TPE)
  3. Monash University (AUS)

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