FITEQ are to give athletes insurance for the upcoming World Championships ©FITEQ

The Executive Board of the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has agreed to provide insurance for all athletes participating in this year's Teqball World Championships in Nuremberg.

It will cover emergency medical costs, medical transport, legal fees, general liability, personal property damage, flight delay or cancellation as well as accidental death.

Those who wish to claim on their insurance must report their loss, injury or incident to the competition manager at the event.

The Teqball World Championships were last held in Gliwice last year ©FITEQ
The Teqball World Championships were last held in Gliwice last year ©FITEQ

"FITEQ has been working intensively on an athlete insurance programme for some time now in order to show its continuing commitment to encouraging the growth of the FITEQ athlete community," read a statement from the organisation.

"The recent decision to cover athletes at the World Championships this November is the first step for the international governing body of teqball to enable athletes to compete without having to worry about paying additional costs for insurance."

Emergency medical costs can be claimed up to €110,000 (£96,000/$108,000), while medical transport cover has no limit.

Legal fees are covered up to €13,000 (£11,300/$12,800), general liability up to €45,000 (£39,000/$44,000), personal property damage up to €650 (£570/$640), flight cancellation up to €450 (£390/$440) and accidental death up to €13,000.