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The WKF Events calendar lists all the dates, times, locations and participating countries, for all upcoming WKF events.

11th WKF Youth Camp, Umag (Croatia)

July 2-4

Karate 1 - Youth League, Caorle-Venice (Italy)

December 14-16

Karate 1 - Series A, Shanghai (China)

December 7-9

24th WKF Senior Championships, Madrid (Spain)

November 6-11

Karate 1 - Youth League, Cancun-Quintana Roo (Mexico)

October 26-28

Karate at Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

October 17-18

Karate 1-Premier League, Tokyo (Japan)

October 12-14

Karate 1 - Series A, Santiago (Chile)

September 21-23

Karate 1-Premier League, Berlin (Germany)

September 14-16

UFAK Junior & Senior Championships, Kigali (Rwanda)

August 31-2

Karate at Asian Games, Jakarta (Indonesia)

August 25-27

PKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

August 22-25

FISU Championships, Kobe (Japan)

July 19-22

15th AKF Senior Championships, Amman (Jordan)

July 10-14

Karate 1 - Youth League, Umag (Croatia)

July 6-8

Karate 1-Premier League, Paris (France)

January 26-28

Youth Olympic Games 2018 Qualification Tournament, Umag (Croatia)

June 29-30

Karate at Mediterranean Games, Tarragona (Spain)

June 22-23

32nd PKF Senior Championships, Santiago (Chile)

June 15-17

Karate 1-Premier League, Istanbul (Turkey)

June 8-10

Karate 1 - Youth League, Sofia (Bulgaria)

May 25-27

OKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships, Auckland (New Zealand)

May 18-20

17th AKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships, Okinawa (Japan)

May 10-13

53rd EKF Senior Championships, Novi Sad (Serbia)

May 10-13

Karate 1-Premier League, Rabat (Morocco)

April 6-8

Karate 1-Premier League, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

March 16-18

Karate 1 - Series A, Salzburg (Austria)

March 2-4

Karate 1-Premier League, Dubai (UAE)

February 6-18

Karate 1 - Series A, Guadalajara (Spain)

February 9-11

45th EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships, Sochi (Russia)

February 2-4