The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts development programmes have the aim of developing the sport around the world.

GAMMA focuses its attention on the growth of MMA at both elite and grassroots level, as well as within its governance.

It works with member federations and programmes have launched which cover these areas.

For more information on all of the GAMMA programmes, visit the organisation's website here.

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One of the fundamental beliefs of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts is joining forces with other organisations - including charities, institutional partners and non-Governmental bodies.

GAMMA believes that nothing in this world can be accomplished alone and that, together, we can all achieve more.

The governing body is open to partnership opportunities that promote sports as a force for good, peace, harmony and solidarity.

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Coaches & Technical Officials Education

One of GAMMA's key responsibilities is to help educate coaches and technical officials around the world, and provide a pathway to allow them to progress.

The goal is to create a consistent education scheme and certification programme across the world.

GAMMA has recognised that the resources needed for this may be beyond the capabilities at national level.

To this end, the organisation is working towards implementing a framework for member federations to follow.

GAMMA places great importance on the education of coaches and officials ©GAMMA
GAMMA places great importance on the education of coaches and officials ©GAMMA

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Athlete Pathway

"GAMMA PRO" has been launched to provide a development pathway for MMA athletes who dream of turning professional.

This is a dedicated professional ranking system and sanctioning arm for the sport.

GAMMA provides a pathway to professional competitions for its athletes ©GAMMA
GAMMA provides a pathway to professional competitions for its athletes ©GAMMA

GAMMA issues belts to champions and publishes PRO rankings for all participants in sanctioned tournaments and professional events.

This allows athletes to compete on the professional circuit in prominent mixed martial arts promotions.

GAMMA has the aim of forming more partnerships with promotions around the world to provide more professional opportunities for athletes.

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Sport for Everybody

One of GAMMA's key focus areas is young people, as the future of every nation lies with them. 

As a fast-growing International Federation, GAMMA works on many things at once and realises that certain young people sometimes fall through the cracks despite its best efforts

This is why, as part of the "GAMMA – United We Help" programme, the governing body has partnered with Sports For Everybody, a non-profit organisation that provides opportunities for children, especially refugees, in communities that cannot afford to practice sports and games.

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Women in Sport

Women are an integral part of GAMMA, both on the field of play and within the organisation itself.

There is equal participation and prize money at GAMMA competitions, and pro-active programmes to recruit female athletes and coaches.

Administrative and regulatory positions at GAMMA include a broad representation of women.

On International Women's Day in 2021, GAMMA launched its Women's Committee which is chaired by American Diana Thomas.

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Safe Sport

The number one priority of GAMMA is to make sure athletes stay safe through the strict enforcement of rules and regulations.

This includes adherence to the following areas:

  • Anti-doping: GAMMA has signed a partnership with the International Testing Agency in a bid to become compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  • Weight cutting: Pre-match weigh-ins are subject to hydration control measures to avoid excessive weight loss.
  • Fighting area: A five-rope boxing style ring is used to protect against athlete ejections.
  • Match rules: No elbow or knee strikes are allowed to a grounded opponent.
  • Referee training: Referees taught to stop matches when athletes are in difficulty.

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GAMMA announced a "multi-year" contract with the International Testing Agency (ITA) in November 2020, which will see the ITA independently manage its anti-doping programme.

The governing body's core values of integrity, humility, respect, excellence, discipline, community and innovation means that clean and safe sport is a crucial aim.

It is hoped the deal will lead to all of GAMMA's anti-doping rules aligning with those of the World Anti-Doping Agency, as it bids to become a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Code.

The deal includes an extension option, with the ITA set to cover areas including in-competition testing, results management, therapeutic use exemptions, risk assessment and test-distribution planning.

Another part of the arrangement will see the ITA roll-out an education programme for athletes and stakeholders, which will be integrated into GAMMA's digital platforms.

GAMMA signed a deal with the International Testing Agency in November 2020 ©GAMMA
GAMMA signed a deal with the International Testing Agency in November 2020 ©GAMMA

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GAMMA works with Sport and Sustainability International (SANDSI) to promote greater environmental awareness and reduce the overall climate impact caused by MMA.

Another goal is to encourage sustainable and responsible consumption.

The governing body is a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.