geroge hamilton_dow_13-01-12In this sponsor 123 feature it is the turn of George Hamilton, vice-president of Olympic operations at The Dow Chemical Company, to speak of his Olympic experiences.

What is your role in your organisation's involvement of the Games?

I am vice-president of Olympic Operations for The Dow Chemical Company. I lead Dow's Olympic Sponsorship activation with an objective to maximise the business and brand-related opportunities associated with Dow's 10-year partnership.

Dow Olympics
Why does your organisation support the Games?

Dow has been involved with the Olympic Games in a number of ways for over 30 years. Dow and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) [whose President is pictured right with Dow's chief executive Andrew Liveris] realised that we are committed to the same values and priorities that are part of the Olympic vision. The Olympic Games are about peace, progress, sustainability and the world coming together to celebrate our common humanity. The Games are about respect for people of different cultures, diversified backgrounds and capabilities. Integrity and respect for people are among the key pillars on which we are doing our business.

Moreover, Dow is passionately committed to sustainable development, scientific excellence and addressing the most pressing needs the world is facing today – in areas like energy, housing, health and safety. We are certainly honoured to have been selected by the IOC to be a TOP Sponsor helping support the IOC's vision of sustainability and richly contributing to this.

What we find in common is our continued commitment to ensuring long-term value and a sustainable legacy. Both the IOC and local Organising Committees of the Olympic Games (OCOGs) are aiming to achieve the highest results, and most importantly to stage technologically-advanced and sustainable Games. And there is always a pending question. What is left after the Games? And that's what we do at Dow. Through scientific excellence and technological expertise, we are responsibly looking several years ahead to anticipate long-term consequences of those decisions that are being made today.

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What is your favourite Games' memory?

I'm very fortunate to have been at many Olympic Games during my lifetime. I have experienced moments that I will never forget and I have watched outstanding athletic performances. But I have to say that watching the athletes from all across the world as they enter Olympic Stadium is truly a moving experience. You see it on their faces, each and every one, the awe, gratitude and thrill of being part of such an incredible event. Those images are among my favourite Games' memories.