New members of British Esports have been announced. GETTY IMAGES

British Esports, the national governing body for esports in the UK, has appointed new members to its Women in Esports Committee.

The committee unites a diverse range of expertise in broadcast, PR, event management, tournament operations, talent management, and more to create a more inclusive esports industry.

Women in Esports is an initiative focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion, aimed at empowering women and marginalised genders in the esports industry. Its core pillars are Educating, Engaging, Empowering, and Expertise. 

The initiative is led by British Esports Project Development Lead Billie Purdie, Head of Operations Alice Whorley, and Committee Chair Sue Lavasani, who is an Account Manager at Tundra Esports.

The new members are:

  • Tracy Luseno, Partnerships Manager at ESL FACEIT Group
  • Leila Gregory, Creator and Founder of Tech Her Out
  • Kylie Kendrick, Technical Specialist for Esports at Durham University
  • Savannah Ross, Gaming, Esports, and Cultural Strategist at Ear to the Ground
  • Vladyslava 'Vlady' Zakhliebina, OG Team Manager, Esports Talent, and Content Creator
  • Keltoum 'Giniro' Baddaje, Esports Host

Tracy Luseno serves as a Partnerships Manager at ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), working with leading brands to boost revenue growth and increase brand awareness. "Joining the Women in Esports Committee offers an exciting opportunity to shape the future of esports, fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals to thrive in this dynamic industry," she said.

"I'm eager to collaborate, innovate, and work alongside other passionate individuals to create a more inclusive, vibrant, and equitable gaming world." Another to echo Tracy's words was Savanah, who is a Strategist at Ear to the Ground, with over seven years of experience in marketing in the entertainment sector.

“I am so excited to be joining the Women in Esports Committee,” Savannah said. “I have always strongly believed that anybody can be a gamer, and I want to see more women feeling confident in the space. 

"With the committee, I am looking forward to not only establishing better esports opportunities for women but also carving out new ways to make the space feel more accessible and exciting to all.”

The newcomers will join the existing Women in Esports Committee members:

  • Alice Leaman, Head of Operations, British Esports

  • Billie Purdie, Project Development Lead, British Esports

  • Seriera Lavasani (Sue), Account Manager, Tundra Esports

  • Kirsty Endfield, Founder & Director, Swipe Right PR 

  • Mary Antieul, VP Customer & Strategy, Belong, VINDEX LLC

  • Jasmine Hong, HR Assistant, Capcom

  • Leah Alexandra, Presenter/Streamer, Freelance

  • Karen Low, Managing Director EMEA, Story Mob 

  • Becks Donaldson, Talent Manager, DotXTalent 

  • Becky Wright, Senior Partnerships Manager, NSE 

  • Cassie Hughes, Director, Nox Lumina