Aerial view of the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium earlier this month. GETTY IMAGES

The newly-built Nassau County International Cricket Stadium was launched on 15 May with theInternational Cricket Council (ICC) "excited" to conquer new territories through the T20 World Cup in June, Agence France-Presse reported Wednesday. 

Unveiled by T20 World Cup 2024 Ambassador Usain Bolt, cricketing legends, and sports icons from New York, the 34,000-capacity stadium in Long Island, New York —with infrastructure from the Las Vegas Formula 1 circuit and drop-in pitches grown in Florida — will host the highly-anticipated India-Pakistan clash on 9 June, among its eight scheduled World Cup games.

The showpiece 20-over event will be co-hosted by the West Indies and the United States starting 1 June with New York, Florida and Dallas as venues.

The ICC remains happy with the focus on the India-Pakistan clash and the Nassau project as part of bringing the game to the US.

"Yeah, absolutely! We can run that game anywhere and the interest in the fixture would be immense," Chris Tetley, the ICC's head of events, told reporters in a media roundtable.

"The news stories that we have seen and the media coverage in the US itself as well as amongst the cricket media around the world. I have not seen that before around an ICC event."

"We are really excited to bring the T20 World Cup cricket to the US and the opportunity that it presents to the sport and from what I can see there is an audience really waiting for us to come," he added. 

T20 Cricket will also feature as one of five new sports at the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

Building a cricket stadium in Nassau proved to be a challenge for the ICC, who got in Adelaide Oval curator Damian Hough for the job.

Hough created the first drop-in pitch in Adelaide in 2013 and the latest strips at the Nassau County ground promise good cricket and balance between bat and ball.

"People shouldn't be concerned about drop-in pitches," said Hough.

"They are proven around the world, definitely in Australia. Some of the best cricket is played on drop-in pitches and are really successful."