IBSA, World Abilitysport and Virtus join forces for the benefit of Para athletes. GETTY IMAGES

The International Blind Sports Federation, World Abilitysport and Virtus are working on a new collaboration to help Para athletes around the world by sharing resources and knowledge.

The new tripartite partnership between the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), World Abilitysport and Virtus will include cooperation in areas such as anti-doping, media and communications, and broadcasting. 

IBSA President, Ilgar Rahimov, said: "Throughout our history, IBSA has enjoyed a close working relationship with our fellow IOSDs, sharing ideas and cooperating on important issues. Together with World Abilitysport and Virtus, we have realised that much of the work we do independently could be shared between us, to save resources, improve efficiency and eliminate duplication." 

Rudi Van Den Abbeele, President of World Abilitysport, stated: "World Abilitysport has gone through some very big changes in recent years, not least the merger with CPISRA. This has meant that we have become the only global organisation for the development of sport for people with physical disabilities. 

"This new exploratory exercise will allow us to see how we can share resources between the IOSDs and what common themes there are between our constituents, with the aim of streamlining our operations so that we can invest even more in our unique core work."

Marc Truffaut, President of Virtus, pointed out: "The IOSDs have a huge role to play in advocating for people with an impairment in both Paralympic and especially non-Paralympic sport. We are delighted to renew our partnership with IBSA and World Abilitysport."

The founding members of the Paralympic Movement have been active for many decades. IBSA focuses on sports for people with visual impairments, World Abilitysport (merged with CPISRA) deals with physical impairments and Virtus specialises in intellectual impairments and autism. 

IBSA is the international federation for Paralympic sports such as goalball, blind football, and judo, as well as other non-Paralympic sports. World Abilitysport is the international federation of for fencing, powerchair hockey, and now World Para Dance Sport. 

They are individually recognised by the International Paralympic Committee as International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs).