MMA semifinals at the African Games with Ghanaian boxing legend in attendance. GAMMA

Mixed Martial Arts competition entered its second day in Ghana on 11 March as the sport is making its debut at the African Games. Talented athletes from Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Nigeria, Mauritius and Togo competed in the semi-finals at the Bukom Stadium in Accra.

Houssou Michael Mahugnon (Benin) and Marcel Yao (Ivory Coast) was pulled from the card when Mahugnon failed to make weight in the morning, allowing Yao to advance to Thursday's final.  Ghanaian boxing legend and multiple world champion and International Boxing Hall of Fame member Azumah Nelson, 65, was ringside to show his support for the MMA athletes at the Games.

Ghana's Azumah Nelson is one of the greatest African boxers of all time. GETTY IMAGES
Ghana's Azumah Nelson is one of the greatest African boxers of all time. GETTY IMAGES

Semi-final results

-47,6 kg:
Peter Winifred Agara (Nigeria) def Ankrah Leticia Amanua (Ghana) via Submission, R1 1:32.

-61,2 kg:
Awassiou Welike (TOG) def. Issa Boussim (Burkina Faso) via TKO, R1 0:22.
Gabriel Karo (NGR) def. Etrue Joseph (Ghana) via Submission, R3 0:02.

-65,8 kg:
Sylvain Kokou (Togo) def. Entusah Mubarak Muhammed (Ghana) via Unanimous Decision.
Song Holonou (Benin) def. Felfel Muammar (Libya) via Unanimous Decision.

-70,3 kg:
Sewanou Jacques Jouton (Benin) def. Destiny Freddy (Nigeria) via Unanimous Decision.
Aka Miezan Prince Mensan (Ivory Coast) def Albert Idowu Lucky (Nigeria) via DQ, R1 0:24.

-77,1 kg:

Ramzan Abdul Aziim (Mauritius) def. Ekoue Douhadji (Togo) via Unanimous Decision.
Mohamed Elsayed (Egypt) def. Obeya John (Nigeria) via Unanimous Decision.

-83,9 kg:
Eze Daniel Emeke (Nigeria) def. Affognon Jhon-Kennedy (Benin) via TKO, R3 1:52.

-93,0 kg:
Idoo Bhojul Mohammad Ajmal (Mauritius) def. Mohamed Ashaat (Egypt) via TKO, R2 2:25.    
Aziba Martins (Nigeria) def Sibiri Ben Ali Toe (Burkina Faso) via TKO, R1 2:16.

-120,2 kg:        
Fanny Dago (Ivory Coast) def. Gaoussou Sanou (Burkina Faso) via TKO, R1 0:16
Muzan Richard (Nigeria) def. Niane Oumar (Ghana) via Unanimous Decision