Preparations underway for Valencia Gay Games XII. GAY GAMES

The upcoming Games will be held in Valencia, the capital of the Valencian Community in Spain, and will offer a wide variety of sports to participate in or simply enjoy as a spectator.

Spain's third largest city will also host a wide range of cultural events, including bands and pyrotechnics, as well as local musicians, cheerleaders and choirs, video mapping and art exhibitions, according to the organisers. All of this will be in addition to the classic hallmarks of the Gay Games, such as the iconic Opening Ceremony, the International Rainbow Memorial Run, the Memorial Moment, the epic Pink Flamingo and the spectacular Closing Ceremony.

Organisers have invited participation in the Gay Games Village, a fantastic welcoming space for all participants and supporters to meet and enjoy live music, creative arts, food trucks and family-friendly spaces. Preparations have already begun, starting with the registration system. Registration will open in the coming months and updates will be provided in good time.

From the first Games in 1982 in San Francisco, California, USA, with a total of 1,350 participants, a number that has grown steadily over time (the second Games doubled that number), to the most recent Games in Hong Kong in 2023, where the Games have continued to thrive despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic.

The Hong Kong Gay Games XI were a perfect example of this. They had significant political significance as the first Gay Games in Asia, and also represented a significant defeat for local geopolitical issues and the pandemic. Both threatened to derail the event, but they couldn't and the Games were successfully held. They represented a legacy of unity, diversity and hope for Hong Kong. The Games were also a financial triumph, with a total economic impact of over €23 million and an additional $12 million in local spending.

The Federation of Gay Games is working to increase support and sponsorship to provide scholarships for people from around the world who wish to take part. They are also working with international sporting bodies to ensure that the rules and regulations are up to date and reflect the latest developments in equality, diversity and inclusion.