French national championship of the future without Olympic athletes. FFTDA

In the absence of the Olympic athletes, who are in Turkey preparing for the Games, the next generation pushed the more experienced athletes to the limit at the French Senior Taekwondo Championships this weekend at the FDI Stadium in Montpellier.

The 16 athletes crowned French champions on 17 and 18 February are the ones who will begin the journey to Los Angeles 2028 as national champions, alongside the Olympians who are currently in intensive training camps. 

"Although nobody knows what can happen in four years time, it's always a good idea to be there when the opportunity arises," said national technical director Patrick Rosso. "These French Senior Championships are obviously part of that, because it's a meeting point for all those who want to go further . Although we know all the competitors, we are always on the lookout for surprises."

Cloe Betin won the women's 62kg title. FFTDA
Cloe Betin won the women's 62kg title. FFTDA

All the champions of the 2024 French Nationals:

-Women’s -46 kg: Oumaïma Allassak.
-Women’s -49 kg: Mah Fofana.
-Women’s -53 kg: Iris Ducos.
-Women’s -57 kg: Kanelya Carabin.
-Women’s -62 kg: Cloe Blitek.
-Women’s -67 kg: Khalida Haddad.
-Women’s -73 kg: Bintou Diakite.
-Women’s +73 kg: Emna Hamadache.
-Men’s -54 kg: Mathis Alesio-Capolini.
-Men’s -58 kg: Sébastien Alesio-Capolini.
-Men’s -63 kg: Lorenzo Capuano.
-Men’s -68 kg: Dylan Chellamootoo.
-Men’s -74 kg: Lyvestone Celin.
-Men’s -80 kg: Athman Bouthouyak.
-Men’s -87 kg: Nahil Menhana.
-Men’s +87 kg +87 kg: Omar El Yazidi.