Meet Tina and Milo: Milano-Cortina 2026 mascots. OLYMPICS.COM

The official mascots of the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were officially unveiled last Wednesday after 1,600 proposals and a public vote. The event took place at the San Remo Music Festival.

Tina and Milo are two different-coloured ferret siblings who will be the emblems of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games and the 2026 Paralympic Winter Games respectively. Their names are diminutives of the names of the two host cities: Tina for Cortina and Milo for Milan, and although they are very similar to each other, each mascot has a slightly different personality. 

The new mascots were chosen from 1,600 proposals. A public vote was also held. The San Remo Song Festival was the official presentation. 

Tina, the Olympic mascot, is a creative and pragmatic type. She lives in the city and loves shows and concerts. She is in awe of the power of beauty and its ability to transform. She embodies the motto "Dream big!"

The presentation ceremony of Tina and Milo took place at the San Remo Song Festival. OLYMPICS.COM
The presentation ceremony of Tina and Milo took place at the San Remo Song Festival. OLYMPICS.COM

Milo, the Paralympic mascot, is a dreamer. He loves pranks, playing in the snow and inventing musical instruments in his spare time. Nothing can stop his resilient character. Although he was born with only three legs, he has learnt to walk using his tail, with the motto: "Obstacles are trampolines". Both mascots convey an optimistic and positive message in their look, feel and behaviour.

The presentation of the mascots marks the end of the creative collaboration between the Milano Cortina 2026 Organising Committee and the Italian Ministry of Education, which invited primary and secondary school students to submit ideas for the mascots.

More than 1,600 proposals were received. Two were shortlisted and presented to the public in a poll to gauge public opinion in the process of designing the official mascots for the upcoming Games. At the end of this process, the ferrets created by students from the Istituto Comprensivo in Taverna, Calabria, were proposed alongside the snowflakes created by students from the Istituto Comprensivo Sabin in Segrate, Lombardy. 

This was another innovation that was set in motion. It was decided that Tina and Milo would not be alone in their mission to create excitement and enthusiasm for the Games. And it was then that "The Flo", six little snowflakes inspired by the sketch of the students of the Istituto Comprensivo Sabin, were added to the "group". 

They will accompany the ferrets on their journey towards the fun and excitement that the arrival of the Olympic Games represents. As explained by, they will live the adventure of Milano Cortina 2026.