Paris 2024 hockey groups confirmed. FIH

Following last week's pre-Olympic hockey tournaments in Spain, India and Oman, the groups have been drawn for the 12 teams of each gender to compete for gold at Paris 2024.

Spain (hosts of both the men's and women's events), Oman (men's) and India (women's) secured their final tickets to Paris last weekend. The groups for Paris 2024 have now been announced following the conclusion of the qualifying phase, which began last year. 

In the men's competition, Group A comprises the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, France, and South Africa. Group B is made up of Belgium, India, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Ireland.

In the women's competition, Group A includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan, China and France, while Group B will feature Australia, Argentina, Great Britain, the USA, Spain and South Africa.

The pools for the Paris 2024 Olympic hockey tournaments have been announced. GETTY IMAGES
The pools for the Paris 2024 Olympic hockey tournaments have been announced. GETTY IMAGES

The teams have been distributed according to the world rankings without any seeding, unlike in other competitions where the host team or a historically successful team may have the advantage of facing seemingly weaker opponents. The distribution is based on the current status of all participating teams as of 21 January 2024. 

The teams have been precisely distributed according to their position in the International Hockey Federation (FIH) World Ranking as at 23:59 on 21 January, resulting in the following order:

Group A: First, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth

Group B: Second, third, sixth, seventh, tenth, and eleventh

It is important to remember that the competition starts on 27 July, with the men's final on Thursday 8 August and the women's final the following day on 9 August.

World Rankings:


1 Netherlands

2 Belgium

3 India

4 Germany

5 England

6 Australia

7 Argentina

8 Spain

9 France

10 New Zealand

11 Ireland

12 Korea


1 Natherlands

2 Australia

3 Argentina

4 Belgium

5 Germany

6 England

7 Spain

8 India

9 Japan

10 China

11 New Zealand

12 United States