The IJF acts to fight climate change © IJF

For several years, the International Judo Federation has understood its responsibility in the fight against climate change and global warming and has decided to take action to limit its impact on the planet. This has included the appointment of two Climate Ambassadors (Sabrina Filzmoser and Flavio Canto) and the launch of initiatives such as 'Plant a Tree,' which was the theme of World Judo Day in 2019.

The IJF's most notable action takes place at World Judo Tour events, where awareness of climate issues is systematically raised. Delegations are given messages to help them understand that everyone can do something to help the planet. 

Sanda Corak, IJF Education Director, who oversees the IJF's sustainability activities, explained: "Concern for the environment and support for a wider sustainable agenda is inherent in the activities of the IJF and an integral part of the management of our organisation. Our main objective is to deliver sustainable events and our efforts are focused on measuring carbon footprints and assessing the impact of events are having on the environment. By educating young athletes, we try to promote the importance of sustainable activities, not only in the sporting environment, but also in our everyday lives."

Climate Ambassadors of IJ Sabrina Filzmoser (left) and Flavio Canto © IJF
Climate Ambassadors of IJ Sabrina Filzmoser (left) and Flavio Canto © IJF

Larisa Kiss, Head of International Relations at the IJF, said: "It is a pleasure to see that sustainability is becoming more and more interesting for all our event organisers; each National Federation identifies some sustainability measures that work in their case and can also reduce their costs or help them to save resources. Each location is different and not all of the proposed measures are efficient or relevant everywhere, but we are flexible and understand when cultural adaptations are necessary". 

"In addition, we find that organising clusters of events in geographically close locations facilitates travel and can make delegation travel more cost-effective and therefore more climate-friendly. I am optimistic about the future and I believe that with time, the continued implementation of simple and effective measures, as well as the education of the international judo community, will yield excellent results for judo's contribution to the fight against climate change," she added. 

In 2023, even more will be done to reduce the impact of the IJF's activities on the planet, as will be the case in 2024, according to the IJF's official website.