A street art mural has been created along the perimeter of the Athletes Village for Milan Cortina 2026, featuring the work of 20 artists ©Milan Cortina 2026

A street art mural has been created along the perimeter of the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes' Village for Milan Cortina 2026.

The Village is located at the former Porta Romana railway yard between Via Ripamonti and Corso Lodi.

The mural was created by 20 artists chosen by Brand of the City, an urban regeneration project.

Each artist was given their own section on the mural, which took three days to create, where they had the space to compose a work that they believed best represented the values of sport.

The designs are related to the areas of inclusivity, determination, resilience, courage, freedom, solidarity and equality.

A Milan Cortina 2026 spokesperson described the mural as "one of the many examples of what the Winter Olympics and Paralympics represent for our country -  a rooting in values, and a strong look towards our social and cultural future, a legacy for future generations."

Following the Paralympic Games, the Village is set to be turned into a dormitory for university students, offering around 1,700 beds.

It is planned that the mural will remain on the site once it is turned into student accommodation.

The Milan Cortina Winter Olympics are due to take place from February 6 to 22 2026, with the Paralympics set to follow from March 6 to 15.