Tom Tate has announced a rescue deal for the 2026 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has announced plans to rescue the 2026 Commonwealth Games with a "streamlined" event.

Tate met with Commonwealth Games Australia chief executive Craig Phillips and representatives from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) today to discuss stepping in after Victoria pulled out of hosting.

An official pitch for the Games could now come at the CGF General Assembly in Singapore, scheduled from November 11 to 14.

However, a stumbling block looks likely to be winning support from the Queensland Government.

"I've just concluded a very positive meeting with the CGF," Tate said.

"Mr Phillips agrees the Gold Coast is an excellent option for the Games."

Victoria's former State Premier Daniel Andrews cancelled its hosting of the 2026 Games in July, claiming that the budget had ballooned to AUD$7 billion (£3.6 billion/$4.4 billion/€4.1 billion).

Gold Coast hosted the 2018 Games and Tate has planned a project he says would only cost AUD$700 million (£363 million/$441 million/€419 million).

"It is heartening for us to have a frank discussion regarding hosting the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast," Tate said.

"Of course there is a bit of a journey to do but the key point is this - we want to salvage Australia's reputation.

Gold Coast hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2018 ©Getty Images
Gold Coast hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2018 ©Getty Images

"Because in future years, nobody will remember Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government, they will say 'the Aussies are the ones who cancelled the 2026 Commonwealth Games.'"

According to the Australian Associated Press, Tate said hosting the Games again could inject AUD$2 billion (£1 billion/$2 billion/€1.1 billion) into the local economy.

All of the infrastructure would already be there as it was used in 2018, and the event could act as a dress rehearsal for the Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

"I showed them our preliminary business case which proves that a scaled down 2026 Games can be held on the Coast for around $700 million," said Tate.

"This is a $2 billion-plus gift to the economy at no monetary cost to Queensland, apart from in-kind support at the time."

Support from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will be key, with the state previously saying it wanted to simply focus on Brisbane 2032.

Queensland Sports Minister Stirling Hinchliffe insisted in July that it was "an emphatic no" to staging the Commonwealth Games again.

State Minister and Gold Coast Member of Parliament Meaghan Scanlon added today: "I can't say I have had a single person raise with me their desire to have the Commonwealth Games again on the Gold Coast.

"If it is something that Tom Tate wants to progress that's a matter for him, we've made our position clear though."

Former Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who resigned last month, made the decision to cancel Victoria's hosting of the 2026 Commonwealth Games, citing rising costs ©Getty Images
Former Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who resigned last month, made the decision to cancel Victoria's hosting of the 2026 Commonwealth Games, citing rising costs ©Getty Images

In September, Andrews resigned as Victoria Premier with the state previously paying AUD$380 million (£190 million/$242 million/€222 million) to settle disputes arising from the Games' cancellation.

Victoria's Deputy Premier Ben Carroll said they would be happy to assist Tate with his bid.

"If that bid's successful, we stand ready to support them in anyway we can, and have a successful Commonwealth Games," he said, according to Sky News.

"Whenever the Gold Coast need any support, whether it's at the departmental level, whether it's with the Commonwealth Games Federation, we'd be happy to do whatever we can to support them in terms of advice and things like that."

The CGF will be grateful for any interest in the 2026 Games, with Victoria's withdrawal leading to fears for the very future of the event.

"Next stop is really for the Commonwealth Games Federation to have a meeting with the Premier and to show the benefits that the 2032 Olympics can gain," Tate said.

"When you invest minimal and you're getting $2 billion in economic return, you'd have a look at it wouldn't you?"

Tate is said to now be travelling to France to attend the Rugby World Cup.

No details about the streamlined Games plan have yet emerged.

According to 9 News Australia, many councillors were blindsided by Tate's pitch and were unaware of the project.

insidethegames has approached the CGF and Commonwealth Games Australia for comment.