The Hangzhou 2022 Opening Ceremony may be moved indoors if there is bad weather ©Getty Images

A replacement venue is set to be lined up for the Hangzhou 2022 Opening Ceremony tomorrow in case bad weather forces the event inside.

The Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium is due to hold the event but with rain forecast for much of tomorrow a nearby alternative has been prepared, including a shorter version of the event.

Organisers state it will be one of the facilities also in the same complex as the main venue but are unable to confirm an exact location, although the Gymnasium is thought to be the most suitable.

The Ceremony is expected to be attended by around 50,000 people and safe transport arrangements for them have been tested fully, claims Hangzhou 2022 Opening and Closing Ceremonies spokesperson Li Yiqing.

"The Opening Ceremony tomorrow night is going to be brilliant," said Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou and the Games' deputy secretary general.

"A theme of the Ceremony is going to be ties strengthening in Asia with the water element going through it.

"There are main chapters - elegance of the traditional Chinese culture, friendship, and ties surging on the Qiantang River.

"It will display China and Asia having integration of culture in this new era.

"It shows Asian people's unity so that people will not see the Asian Games as not only a gathering of sport but a gathering of culture and changes."

Chen Weiqiang claims the Opening Ceremony will display unity between China and Asia ©Getty Images
Chen Weiqiang claims the Opening Ceremony will display unity between China and Asia ©Getty Images

The Ceremony is due to begin at 8pm local time and organisers say it will provide a blueprint for sustainable and digitally-enhanced events in the future.  

The entire Ceremony is expected to last for just under two hours and has been rehearsed five times since August 29.

It will begin with a welcome show, followed by the delegation parade, traditional protocol and the main artistic performance.

"All of the technology, props and programmes will help us present the rich history and profound culture of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, as well as the Chinese people's wish to unite all Asian nations, in an aesthetic and intensive way," said Sha Xialan, the Ceremony's chief director.

The traditional fireworks have been substituted for a light show in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly.

Each spark represents one of the 100 million participants of the Hangzhou 2022 online Torch Relay.

They will then form the shape of a person which will light the main Cauldron alongside the final physical Torchbearer who is yet to be revealed.

Hangzhou's West Lake is set to feature heavily during the Parade of Nations ©Getty Images
Hangzhou's West Lake is set to feature heavily during the Parade of Nations ©Getty Images

"It's the first of time that such a method is being used to ignite the main Flame of a major international sporting event, a method that has stood out from the previous routines and reflects the essence of sport, which is to involve people," said Sha. 

The artistic performance will feature local culture such as the autumn equinox, which is one of China's 24 solar terms that celebrates the harvest season, and historical changes of Hangzhou and the Liangzhu civilisation which dates back around 5,000 years.

The Parade of Nations is due to feature 10 sightseeing spots from Hangzhou's West Lake which will be projected on to the floor of the venue.

The Ceremony marks the official beginning of the 19th Asian Games which is set to last until October 8.