Germany's Jörg Brokamp is the second-most senior official on the World Archery Executive Board after his election as first vice-president ©World Archery/YouTube

Germany's Jörg Brokamp has been elected unopposed as first vice-president of World Archery on the second day of the Congress in Berlin.

Brokamp's election was confirmed by 203 votes to six at the Titanic Hotel, meaning he succeeds Mario Scarzella of Italy in the second-most senior position on the Executive Board.

Brokamp was already a World Archery vice-president and chairs the Working Group on Russia and Belarus, which has agreed conditions for both countries' athletes to return to competitions as neutrals but reported yesterday this remains "quite far away" due to the nature of the National Federations' replies.

World Archery Europe President Scarzella was re-elected to the Board as vice-president, beating Austria's Bettina Kratzmüller by 128 votes to 83.

South Korea's Thomas Kyu Han and Colombia's Maria Emma Gaviria, remain as vice-presidents until 2025.

The remaining available Executive Board roles were filled by France's incumbent Jean-Michel Cleroy, the United States' Mark Miller and Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics sports manager Yuko Okura of Japan in the first round of voting.

Chinese Taipei's Chiu Ping-kun was elected in the third round and Croatia's Darko Uidl to the available two-year role in a fourth round created by the resignation of American Greg Easton last year.

China's incumbent Lixun Zheng, Switzerland's Maël Fabien Loretan, Ivory Coast's Mi Careme Moise Essis and India's Pramod Chandurkar were unsuccessful in standing for the role.

The terms of Norway's Eva Thesen, Japan's Kotaro Hata and Aladin Gabr of Egypt came to an end, and they did not stand for re-election.

The Executive Board was granted additional powers to "take certain urgent decisions in between Congresses or in certain conditions" and to "add Congress motions after the deadline" yesterday among the motions passed.

The World Archery Congress also featured five available positions on the Executive Board ©World Archery/YouTube
The World Archery Congress also featured five available positions on the Executive Board ©World Archery/YouTube

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said the existing Rulebook "had very limited action we could work on" for situations including the COVID-19 pandemic in the war in Ukraine.

The Swiss official insisted there are "guarantees in the motion that this is not something that can be abused by a future completely irrational Executive Board".

Dielen added World Archery were following the lead of other International Federations with similar motions, and it was passed by 179 votes to 17 with five abstentions.

The Congress also elected 19 officials to roles on World Archery's Committees.

Thesen, Colombia's Sergio Font and France's Constance Terrier were elected to the Constitution and Rules Committee, and Czech Republic's Kristina Reitmeier, France's Michel Daumas and Sweden's Sofie Johansson to the Field and 3D Archery Committee.

Robert Erica of The Netherlands, Mexico's Guillermina Garcia and Italy's Martino Miani were voted onto the Judge Committee, Turkey's Goktug Ergin, Italy's Natalia Valeeva and Marcel van Apeldoorn of The Netherlands to the Coaching Committee, and France's Christophe Bezet and Australia's Susanne Wormersley to the Technical Committee.

The Target Committee has newly-elected members in Andrea Aguilar of Guatemala and Jon Nott of Britain, and Italy's Fiammetta Scarzella was re-elected to the Medical and Sports Science Committee along with new member Noora Almarzooqi of the United Arab Emirates.

Pippa Britton of Britain, MJ Rogers of the US and Australia's Susanne Gliddon completed the elections to the Para Committee.

All of the officials were elected to four-year terms through to 2027, with the exception of Gliddon who was elected for two years.

The two-day World Archery Congress preceded the World Archery Championships in Berlin set to start on Monday ©World Archery/YouTube
The two-day World Archery Congress preceded the World Archery Championships in Berlin set to start on Monday ©World Archery/YouTube

World Archery said the elections mean 47 per cent of positions across all of its permanent Committees are held by women, although this is lower for the Executive Board which is comprised of nine male and four female officials.

The appointments of Estonia's Jaan Lott, the US Virgin Islands' Kevin D’Amour and The Netherlands' Arnoud Strijbis to the Board of Justice and Ethics and China's Guo Bei, Bangladesh's Chapol Kazi and Germany's Sabrina Steffens to the Electoral Board were approved by the Congress.

Other decisions taken across the two days of the Congress including increasing the minimum membership fee from CHF 40 (£36/$46/€42) to CHF 80 (£72/$92/€84), with the actual fee for National Federations dependent on their size and country's economic spending power.

The World Archery 3D Championships have been moved from odd to even years with teams consisting of four categories rather than three, an international under-15 category has been added to the pool system that has been replaced by head-to-head competition at the World Archery Field Championships.

A proposal from the Athletes Committee to use X-ring count before 10-ring count to break ties is not due to be assessed until the 2025 Congress, because rules impacting Olympic competition cannot be changed in the year before the Games.

Reports were also heard from organisers of the Gwangju 2025 World Archery Championships and the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

The Congress preceded this year's World Archery Championships in Germany's capital, which is due to be held from Monday (July 31) to August 8.