Ryōyū Kobayashi won his 30th Ski Jumping World Cup gold today in Lahti ©FIS

Olympic champion Ryōyū Kobayashi clinched the gold medal in the single-round Lahti leg at the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) Ski Jumping World Cup.

The Finnish city saw the Japanese star soar through the air before landing a superb 136.5 metre effort which translated to 145.9 points.

Constant wind interruptions dragged the first round from a planned 50-minute duration to almost two hours.

The weather showed no signs of improving for the second round which forced organisers to end the competition early.

"That was a difficult competition today, but it was also fun," said Kobayashi, who recorded his 30th career World Cup win and third this season.

"Now I'm looking forward to the next weekend in Planica, I hope that I'll manage really long flights to 250 metres there."

The 26-year-old was joined on the podium by Austria's Stefan Kraft and Karl Geiger of Germany who scored 141.8 and 137.0 points respectively.

Geiger only just progressed to the final after yesterday's qualification round where he finished in 49th place.

"This is Lahti" Norwegian athlete Daniel Andre Tande said after his 24th-place finish.

"That can always happen here, the conditions here are just difficult sometimes.

"But we are still happy that we could do this competition here today, and if you look at the podium with Ryōyū, Stefan and Karl, there are three worthy people standing there.

"Of course, nothing works on such a day without the necessary bit of luck, but the athlete must also do his part in good conditions, and the three of them did that excellently today."

The Ski Jumping World Cup is set to conclude next week with the Planica7 event in the Slovenian venue, with competition set to take place on March 31 and April 2.