Andriy Pavelko's suspension has been appealed by the Ukrainian Football Association ©Getty Images

The Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) has insisted Andriy Pavelko will remain as head of the organisation and continue his campaign for re-election on the UEFA Executive Committee after appealing against his suspension by a court in Kyiv.

The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv ruled to suspend Pavelko for one month at the request of the prosecutor’s office over the Ukrainian official’s alleged involvement in a criminal case.

Pavelko was arrested for allegedly misusing international aid funds last November before being released after the UAF paid the bail fee of UAH10,000,000 (£226,000/$271,000/€260,000).

According to reports, the headquarters of the UAF was searched by the Security Service of Ukraine yesterday with several employees removed from the building in handcuffs.

Pavelko was suspended from performing his duties until March 17 by the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, but the UAF said his position remained intact after filing an appeal.

"Andriy Pavelko continues to perform the duties of the President of the UAF until the acquisition of a relevant court of law," a statement from the UAF read.

"This is the order of execution of the decision that was established by the judge of the Pechersk Court following the findings of the prosecutor's concerns.

"Thus, before the end of the appeal hearing of the case Andriy Pavelko is authorised to perform his duties as President of the UAF.

"The appeal of today's ruling of the court has already been directed to the court of appeal [and] also started work on the preparation of lawsuits to the European Court of Human Rights."

Pavelko is seeking re-election as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee after passing eligibility checks carried out by the continental governing body’s Governance and Compliance Committee.

The 47-year-old, head of the UAF since 2015, was first elected to the UEFA Executive Committee in 2019.

He is now looking to secure another four-year term, with the elections set to be held at the UEFA Ordinary Congress in Portuguese capital Lisbon on April 5.

UAF President Andriy Pavelko is aiming to secure another four-year term on the UEFA Executive Committee ©Getty Images
UAF President Andriy Pavelko is aiming to secure another four-year term on the UEFA Executive Committee ©Getty Images

The UAF claim that the ruling against Pavelko by the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv was an attempt to "sabotage" his campaign to remain on the UEFA Executive Committee.

"The specified decision of the Pechersk Court will have no legal consequences for the activities of the Ukrainian Football Association, and therefore it is obviously aimed exclusively at discredit the leadership of the association and Ukrainian football as a whole, in particular, and in the eyes of the international football community on the eve of the election of the UEFA Executive Committee members," the UAF said.

"This decision is absolutely groundless and grossly contradicts the UEFA and FIFA statutes which completely prohibit local courts to interfere in the work of national football organisations.

"The appearance of this illegal and legally baseless decision of the court is a clear confirmation of the fact that pressure on the leadership of the association through controlled law enforcement is carried out by individuals artificially in interests…which seeks to deprive Ukraine of representation in UEFA.

"Despite all the pressure and sabotage, UAF President Andrei Pavelko became the only official candidate from Ukraine in the UEFA Executive Committee elections."

The UAF also said Yuri Zapisotsky would continue to fulfil his duties as secretary general after challenging his one-month suspension by the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv.