IMMAF director of development Andrew Moshanov visited various MMA clubs across Peru ©IMMAF

International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) director of development Andrew Moshanov has travelled to Peru with the aim of establishing an understanding of the work of the Peru MMA Association (APMMA).

Moshanov met with key officials from 14 affiliated APMMA clubs at the National Military Academy in the capital Lima.

He also visited several clubs with help from APMMA President David Iberico during his visit.

The APMAA is planning for its National Championships, set to be attended by 250 to 300 athletes later this month, and Iberico underlined his passion for the sport.

"I am committed to mixed martial arts (MMA) in its development, and also in its evolution as a sport," he said.

"I founded the APMMA for this objective: to pave the way for a federation.

"MMA is a legal sport in our country with many academies in the capital and in the provinces.

"For this evolution, the Peruvian MMA Association took the first steps with national and regional Championships, courses and certification of MMA judges and referees."

Andrew Moshanov met with representatives from 14 Peruvian MMA clubs in Lima ©Getty Images
Andrew Moshanov met with representatives from 14 Peruvian MMA clubs in Lima ©Getty Images

Moshanov said he is looking forward to watching Peruvian athletes at IMMAF events, and reflected fondly on his visit to the country.

"This is really a land of talents," he claimed.

"When talking about mixed martial arts and Peru, the first thing that comes to mind is 'Peruvian necktie', a choke invented here by coach Tony de Souza.

"It was not possible to meet him in person, but I feel lucky to meet another remarkable coach, Hector Iberico, whose athletes horrify their opposition with the next invention – 'peruvian calf (slicer)'.

"Something we should be looking to add to the IMMAF technical syllabus for the higher grades."