The expansion of the SIA will see a new Safety in Sport Division created ©Getty Images

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has backed the plans by the new Labor Government to strengthen Sport Integrity Australia (SIA).

A national coordination role has been announced for SIA with it focusing on abuses of power - including discrimination and vilification - under the umbrella of a new Safety in Sport Division.

Under this new body, the SIA, which would be informed by a deputy chief executive of safety and culture strategy, would govern over a range of issues, such as discrimination based on race, culture, sexual and gender identity as well as abuse across all levels of Australian sport.

The hotline for people to report complaints of abuse is expected to be expanded with it including an anonymous reporting function.

A broadening of education platform for issues of cultural sensitivity is also listed.

"We have encouraged our member sports to sign up to the Framework which provides that independent and transparent approach to important issues, particularly complaints handling," AOC President Ian Chesterman said.

"The Framework is well established and it's pleasing these changes, including the creation of the Safety in Sport Division, demonstrates that SIA has the tools to continue the work that it does.

AOC President Ian Chesterman welcomed the expansion of the SIA ©Getty Images
AOC President Ian Chesterman welcomed the expansion of the SIA ©Getty Images

"The right to practise sport and importantly to be safe in your chosen sport, is a fundamental right and at the core of our Olympic values.

"So we welcome the announcement and look forward to working cooperatively and proactively with SIA in the time ahead to further strengthen the Framework."

Chesterman also remarked that the AOC, Commonwealth Games Australia and Paralympics Australia have all played a significant role in developing the National Integrity Framework, which covers issues involving safeguarding children, member protection, competition manipulation and sports wagering as well as the misuse of drugs.

It was expanded by the SIA largely due to the response to the Athlete A documentary, which examined abuse in gymnastics in the United States.

More than 50 national governing bodies have so far signed up to the National Integrity Framework.