Amman is to hold the ITTF Summit in December ©Getty Images

Jordan's capital Amman is set to hold the inaugural edition of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Summit in December.

The ITTF Executive Committee chose Amman as the venue, with table tennis' world governing body previously saying six cities were interested.

The ITTF Summit will bring several events under one roof including the 2022 ITTF Annual General Meeting, as well as meetings of the Board of Directors, Continental Council and Executive Committee.

Keynote speeches and workshops on sustainability, education and diversity are planned too.

"The ITTF Summit will be a fantastic way to bring the table tennis family together after two years of travel restrictions and videoconferences," said ITTF President Petra Sörling. 

"We will take the time to meet, exchange best practices, share ideas, and extend our network. 

"This summit must become a key gathering for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and the business community. 

"I also want to welcome guest speakers with specific expertise to ensure the table tennis family stays at the forefront of all important topics."

Hosts of several ITTF events are due to be appointed at the ITTF Summit ©Getty Images
Hosts of several ITTF events are due to be appointed at the ITTF Summit ©Getty Images

Decisions regarding the ITTF calendar will also be made in Amman.

Host cities for the 2025 World Table Tennis Championships, 2024 World Veteran Championships and 2024 World Youth Championships are due to be selected.

World Table Tennis, the commercial and events body for the ITTF Group, and the ITTF Foundation are to present reports.

Amman held the 2021 Arab Table Tennis Championships as well as the ITTF Hopes Week and Challenge in December.

The ITTF Summit is scheduled to take place from December 4 to 6.