FITEQ hopes to build on its appearance at the African Beach Games by featuring as a medal sport at the African Games ©Twitter/FITEQ

General secretary Marius Vizer Jr has said here the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has its sights set on "all multi-sport events on an international level", and maintains the governing body is "working hard" to secure recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Teqball, which FITEQ claims is the world's fastest-growing sport, has already been added to the programme as a medal event at next year's European Games in Kraków and Małopolska.

Speaking to insidethegames at the European Olympic Committees (EOC) General Assembly, Vizer underlined his ambition for the sport to feature at more continental Games in the future.

"We're bidding for all multi-sport events on big international level," he said.

"Of course we are still negotiating with the Pan American Games, we are a demonstration sport at the African Games.

"A pre-requirement to be in the sport programme of the African Games is to be an IOC-recognised sport.

"But as the European Olympic Committees recognise the value of teqball and they believe in us, and with Africa being the leading continent in terms of National Federations and the development of FITEQ, I think it is also very important that we participate as a medal sport in the African Games, since we are already in Africa recognised by ANOCA [Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa].

"We have been a demonstration sport before in the first African Beach Games, which is a pre-requisite for the African Games, and we have been a demonstration sport also at the last African Games in Morocco, so we would be very grateful for a positive answer."

FITEQ has been a GAISF member since November 2020 ©FITEQ
FITEQ has been a GAISF member since November 2020 ©FITEQ

Teqball is set to feature as a demonstration sport at next year's African Games in Accra.

As well as ANOCA, FITEQ has been recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia, and is a member of the Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania.

It is recognised by the Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF), but its pursuit of IOC recognition remains ongoing.

Vizer vowed that FITEQ would continue to work towards this goal with the ultimate aim of featuring at the Olympics.

"[It is] definitely the dream of all sports which are practised on a professional level and there is an International Federation for.

"Our aim would be to be in the Olympic Games.

"We are working hard.

"According to the IOC criteria which have been ongoing for many years, we are eligible for IOC provisional recognition, and we are waiting for the IOC to give us the new recognition criteria which they are working on and we would be happy to follow with that."

Marius Vizer Jr said FITEQ is "working hard" to secure recognition from the IOC ©Getty Images
Marius Vizer Jr said FITEQ is "working hard" to secure recognition from the IOC ©Getty Images

FITEQ was established as the sport's governing body in 2017.

It has made its presence felt at several events in recent months, including the EOC's Winter European Youth Olympic Festival in Vuokatti in March, and the General Assembly in North Macedonia's capital.

Vizer insisted that FITEQ is keen to showcase the sport as widely as possible.

"Our slogan says anywhere, anytime for anybody, so I think it's important to be in the winter and in the summer multi-sport events to promote to the youth," he commented.

"The youth is the future of the sport.

"The youth is the future of the next Olympic Games, and we definitely want to participate everywhere and demonstrate our beautiful sport.

"We have different CSR [corporate social responsibility] campaigns, we have different social responsibility programmes, and we are very proud of being everywhere where we can."