The theme park is now set to open, eighteen months after the original planned completion date ©Getty Images

A new theme park in Hangzhou that has been purpose-built for the postponed 2022 Asian Games is due to open to the public soon.

Chinese state media reports that the theme park, which connects many of Hangzhou's new sports facilities including the "Big Lotus" Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center with other keys venues, "has been completed and will open to the public soon". 

Construction began on the park and the wider project, which included sports venues for the Asian Games and a shopping mall, back in 2016, but progress was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The park was originally scheduled to open back in December 2020. 

Taking up a space of more than 176,000 square metres, it will incorporate a mix a leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness facilities across 29 different attractions. 

This includes a Ninja Turtles ride which is expected to set four world records for an indoor rollercoaster, and the first tilting drop-tower attraction in Asia.

It is hoped that the park can both serve Hangzhou residents and become a major tourism draw for the region

All of the sports venues built for the Asian Games have passed inspections so can open, and are doing so in phases. 

The 2022 Asian Games were due to take place in Hangzhou from September 10 to 25, but it was announced at the beginning of May that the event would be postponed after a new rise in COVID-19 cases in China and fresh restrictions on movement. 

A new date for the Asian Games is yet to be confirmed.