Boris van der Vorst, deemed ineligible for today's IBA Presidential election, is to appeal that ruling at the Court of Arbitration for Sport ©IBA

Dutch Boxing Federation President Boris van der Vorst - who will not be able to challenge incumbent International Boxing Association (IBA) President Umar Kremlev here in Istanbul today - is to challenge his ineligibility ruling at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Van der Vorst and four other Board candidates were deemed ineligible to stand in a decision made by the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU) Interim Nomination Unit, having been accused of campaigning outside the electoral period and collaboration between candidates. 

This was announced just a day before the proposed election, with Van der Vorst being ruled ineligible on Thursday (May 12).

Van der Vorst decided to request provisional measures from the CAS to have the election not go ahead this weekend, but was denied.

He was denied candidature at the Congress alongside Boxing New Zealand President Steve Hartley, USA Boxing executive director Mike McAtee, Swedish Boxing Federation President Per-Axel Sjöholm and Danish Boxing Association President Lars Brovil.

All five were part of the Common Cause Alliance, a group which sought cooperation with IBA President Kremlev on a path back towards financial stability and reinstatement at the Olympic Games, as far back as January.

Boxing New Zealand President Steve Hartley was one of those unable to stand today ©IBA
Boxing New Zealand President Steve Hartley was one of those unable to stand today ©IBA

They then sent out an introductory letter on March 29 introducing the purpose of the group to National Federations, which led to Serbia and Venezuela reporting this issue to the BIIU on April 11 and 13, respectively.

The five were banned fewer than 24 hours before the first day of the Congress, with elections being moved back a day following the initial filing to the CAS.

In a statement, the Dutchman said he intended to go back to the CAS with a full appeal after Kremlev announced the elections would go ahead as planned today, following their 24-hour postponement yesterday.

"I was ready to present a plan for boxing to enter a new era, defined by unity around fair bouts and financial sustainability," Van der Vorst said in a statement.

"I intended to make a case about how our international association can create and capitalise on commercial opportunities, how we can ensure an Olympic future for boxing.

"Nevertheless, a last-minute decision of the BIIU Interim Nomination Unit prevented me from speaking to you as a Presidential candidate.

"This decision was in sharp contrast to the ruling of the Disciplinary Committee one day prior to that.

"The IBA Disciplinary Committee stated that four other candidates and I did not violate any regulations.

"Furthermore, it concluded that 'the missions and goals of the Common Cause Alliance are in alignment with and supportive of IBA's mission'."

Umar Kremlev was re-elected President of IBA today for a four-year term ©IBA
Umar Kremlev was re-elected President of IBA today for a four-year term ©IBA

Jacques Blondin - who is on the BIIU Interim Nomination Unit - said at the Congress that the Disciplinary Committee and the BIIU have different remits.

"I disagree with the decision of the Interim Nomination Unit and I will fight for my eligibility as a candidate for the IBA Presidency in a way provided by our Constitution," added Van der Vorst.

"As my request for urgent provisional measures was denied, I will submit an appeal to CAS in timely manner.

"I strongly believe that we are all entitled to a Constitutional election of our executive bodies."

Kremlev was re-elected for a four-year term today by acclamation, after National Federations rejected his offer of a ballot vote, despite running unopposed.