The IKF has lifted a suspension of the Korfball Federation of India ©IKF

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) has lifted the suspension of the Korfball Federation of India (KFI) with immediate effect, it has been announced.

The IKF Council made the decision following a series of extensive reforms within the KFI.

The reforms were found to have met requirements outlined by the IKF and the Sports Code of India.

"In the new governance structure, active korfball athletes are now at the heart of governance, with only states that actively develop korfball now eligible to retain their right to vote in the KFI General Meeting," an IKF statement read.

"Further, the voting powers of all others, such as founder members, have been removed."

The KFI had been suspended in November 2015.

The IKF said the suspension had been approved at its general meeting, due to extensive governance problems at the KFI.

KFI President Himanshu Nath Mishra has committed to developing the sport in India, with the organisation having celebrated the lifting of the suspension by releasing firecrackers.

"We feel immense pleasure to inform all members and athletes that after a long long time Korfball Federation of India has got the affiliation back from the IKF," the KFI said.

"A celebration with the light of crackers after a dark wait for long long years.

"Sharing with you all the festival of affiliation."

IKF President Jan Fransoo and IKF Asia counterpart Inglish Huang have expressed their support to the KFI’s efforts to ensure India develop and are competitive in the sport.

India are considered by the IKF to be Asia’s longest-playing korfball nation.

The country had previously been ranked in the top 10 in the world rankings, with the IKF saying governance problems had since stunted the nation’s progress.

India are currently 47th in the world rankings.