Tamara Tansykkuzhina's name has been removed from the FMJD world rankings list ©FMJD

Seven-time world draughts champion Tamara Tansykkuzhina has called for her name to be restored to the world rankings of the sport and is considering a formal appeal to the Court of Arbitration for sport (CAS).

"While we are studying the issue, we have not started work yet," Tansykkuzhina told Sports Express newspaper.

"We are consulting on this issue with the coaching staff, the ministry of sports and the federation.

"We must be prepared so that it leads us to victory,

"The decision was literally recently adopted, at the weekend, and the charter does not even provide for the prerequisites for such an exception."

Russian news agency TASS reported that national coach Yuri Chertok has accused World Draughts Federation (FMJD) President Jacek Pawlicki of "personally removing the name of Tansykkuzhina from the website of the world federation and excluding her from the world ranking."

The World Draughts Federation website shows the revised world rankings ©FMJD
The World Draughts Federation website shows the revised world rankings ©FMJD

FMJD sanctions adopted this week banned Russian and Belarusian players from taking part in official tournaments and stipulated that players from Russia and Belarus "are not taken into consideration".

A clause also stated that "any form of support for aggression in Ukraine will result in a player being banned from any tournament".

Tansykkuzhina is said to have expressed her support for the Russian invasion.

She was at the centre of a controversy last year during the World Championships when FMJD President Pawlicki removed a Russian flag whilst Tansykkuzhina was playing against Poland's Natalia Sadowska.

The removal of the flag during the contest was said to have disrupted the Russian player who lost the match in question.