Solideo says 60 per cent of locals are in favour of the Athletes Village project ©Getty Images

Solideo, the public body charged with overseeing infrastructural projects for Paris 2024, has claimed 60 per cent of residents are supportive of the Athletes’ Village project for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The body said it conducted a survey in conjunction with the company eXplain in December, following previous studies in August 2019 and October 2020.

Solideo said the survey gauged opinions of residents and employees near the Athletes’ Village location in Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine.

A total of 997 people reportedly took part in the study, with 60 per cent claimed to be favourable of the development, despite the increase in construction work.

Solideo said the feedback represented an increase of six percentage points from the previous survey, while noting that seven per cent of respondents are explicitly against the development.

A total of 61 per cent of the respondents reportedly expect the project to have a positive impact on the area, with 26 per cent expecting improved living conditions in general and 15 per cent believing the local economy will enjoy a benefit.

The impact of the ongoing construction was reportedly split, with 42 per cent claiming they feel an impact on their daily life and 43 per cent disagreeing with the view.

The figure contrasts with the previous survey in 2020, where only 17 per cent reported an impact on their daily lives.

Solideo says the increase is due to construction work accelerating at the site, with structural work beginning last autumn.

The village is expected to be delivered by December 2023.

Nearly three quarters of people surveyed confirmed they knew of the project, with Solideo saying it highlights ongoing efforts to keep locals informed.

The Athletes Village is expected to be completed next year ©Paris 2024
The Athletes Village is expected to be completed next year ©Paris 2024

"These data show that the perception of local residents improves as the project progresses," said Nicolas Ferrand, Solideo executive director general.

"They also testify that our efforts bear fruit and that the moments of exchange that we organise allow the entire population to take ownership of the works and their future district.

"We will continue on this path, relentlessly, for the next two years."

Solideo say the Athletes Village, located within the communes of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and Ile-Saint-Denis, will deliver a beneficial legacy to the local area.

The village will become a living and working space after the Games, with organisers highlighting improved transport links, including a new Seine crossing.

A total 2,200 family homes and 980 special accommodation units have been promised, as well as green public spaces, schools, nurseries, a gym and rebuilt college.

The Stade de France and the Paris 2024 Aquatics Centre are expected to be less than five minutes away by car, with the latter venue set to be constructed for the Games.

Paris 2024 say 22 out of 28 sports will be less than 10km away from the Athletes’ Village, with 85 per cent of athletes less than 30 minutes from their competition site.