World Fistball Day will include multiple events for players and fans to attend ©IFA

World Fistball Day will mark the 62nd birthday of the International Fistball Association (IFA) tomorrow.

The occasion is expected to provide the sport with an opportunity to promote fistball through activities and initiatives taking place.

These events include the Opening Ceremony, the United Fistball Challenge, workshops, and an award ceremony to finish.

One workshop is titled "How to bring fistball to schools – four steps of a new approach" by Gastao Englert, the IFA Olympic Education Director.

The IFA 2021 Awards will have 15 categories for contestants to win, such as player of the year, rookie of the year and fistball picture of the year.

The day begins with the official opening of the virtual United by Fistball Challenge and IFA President Joern Verleger, answering questions on a Facebook Live session called "Ask the President" at 8.30am GMT.

A workshop on safe sport and anti-doping will be one of the events held on the day ©IFA
A workshop on safe sport and anti-doping will be one of the events held on the day ©IFA

The challenge involves contestants posting photos or videos on social media displaying their tricks, equipment or everything related to fistball with #unitedbyfistball or #WorldFistballDay attached.

This will be followed by an entourage workshop on Microsoft Teams, which focuses on anti-doping and keeping the sport safe, at 10.30am GMT.

Englert, an educational expert and a three-time fistball title winner as a coach, will then hold his 45-minute workshop at 2pm GMT.

Verleger will return for another question and answer session with secretary general Chris Oberlehner at 5pm GMT.

The celebration will end with the IFA 2021 Award Ceremony being streamed on social media channels, like Facebook and the IFA YouTube Channel, at 7pm GMT.

To register for either the entourage workshop or how to bring fistball to schools workshop, send an email to [email protected] noting your interest.