The French Surfing Federation has revealed its new logo ©French Surfing Federation

The French Surfing Federation (FFSurf) has revealed its new visual identity, with the design seeking to combine both a wave and a rooster.

The FFSurf said it wanted to rejuvenate the logo as the organisation approaches its 60th anniversary, having been founded in 1964.

The anniversary will fall in the same year the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are due to take place.

Collectif Sauvage was employed to work on the redesign of the logo, with the company having expertise in strategy, design and digital communications.

"To redefine the graphic charter and logo of the Federation, the imperatives were to rejuvenate the image of an institution soon to be sixty-year-old, to reproduce its universe shaped by the aquatic element, to find the associated values of life, cycle, strength," FFSurf said.

"All this in the Olympic context, which exacerbates the notion of performance, work, transmission and mutual aid, which is essential to create this symbiosis with the living."

The new logo features a wave at the centre, which the organisation says embodies "movement, repetition and the cycle imposed by nature".

The wave also helps to create a Gallic rooster, the official national symbol of France.

"This logo uses sleek, modern graphic codes... to address an intergenerational audience and respond to both to the democratisation of disciplines and at the entrance to Olympism," FFSurf said.

"Despite its softness, it remains in the image of high-level sport, sharp, defined, efficient and demanding."

Surfing made its Olympic debut at the delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics last year, with Paris 2024 marking its second appearance on the programme.

Tahiti will host surfing at Paris 2024.

Surfing was proposed by the International Olympic Committee as a core sport for Los Angeles 2028 in December, along with skateboarding, sport climbing and 25 others.