A song called Colorful has been released by Coca-Cola to celebrate the start of Tokyo 2020 ©Universal Music Japan

Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola has released a song called Colorful to celebrate Tokyo 2020.

The track, released by Universal Music Japan with an accompanying music video, brings together 14 athletes from around the world.

They include Japanese girl group Little Glee Monster, singer-songwriter Chikuzen Sato, Motohiro Hata and South African rapper Nasty C.

Taemin, a member of South Korean boyband Shinee, American singer Sabrina Carpenter, singer-songwriter Al and Daichi Miura have also collaborated.

Joining them are Japanese pop group Perfume, Miyavi, Ayumu Imazu, Blue Vintage, Mizuki Nakamoto and Sanari.

"This is a song composed for all people regardless of race, gender, generation or national borders," said the track's general producer Ryosuke Imai.

"Initially, it was created with the desire to deliver the ties of heart and soul through sports with lively music for the historic Tokyo Olympics.

"Needless to say, the values and behaviours of people around the world have changed dramatically over the past year while corona awaited the release of the song.

"It is clear that the era of competition, in which money worship and capitalism are supreme, is over, and the era of co-creation in which we give each other is approaching. 

"We are about to enter a new era of after corona.

"We hope that this song will bring the energy and courage to survive in this new era to all the players and who have been hurt by corona."

Coca-Cola is a member of the flagship The Olympic Partner programme and has supported every edition of the Olympic Games since 1928, making the company the older sponsor.

The soft drinks giant's current deal runs through to 2032.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are due to open here on Friday (July 23), after being postponed for a year due to COVID-19.