Christina Jones and Bill May will commentate on the virtual event ©Getty Images

USA Artistic Swimming will broadcast the first virtual Artistic Swimming World Series over two days with pre-recorded routines set to be shown.

The national governing body said coverage will be streamed at and on FINA TV, with action scheduled to begin tomorrow at 11am ET.

Coverage will continue on Sunday (February 21).

Tomorrow’s broadcast will feature technical events and include duets, mixed duets, female solos, male solos and team routines.

The final day will feature free routines including duet, mixed duet, female solo, male solo, team, combo, highlight and gala.

Commentary will be provided by mixed duet world champions Christina Jones and Bill May and include interviews with participating athletes discussing the state of artistic swimming today and what preparation has looked like as training continues during the pandemic.

Participants filmed their routines over recent weeks, with countries from across the world submitting videos for the first virtual competition.

"We have successfully brought countries from all across the globe together in a production that will look and feel as though it is happening live," said Adam Andrasko, USA Artistic Swimming chief executive.

"Creativity is one of the fundamental elements of our sport and in the midst of the pandemic we are showcasing that quality in a new and unique way.

"I hope that this event provides artistic swimming fans, and sports fans in general, with optimism.

"The days ahead are brighter than those behind and we are excited to see how our sport continues to grow and adapt despite obstacles."

Lindi Schroeder and Anita Alvarez will perform both free and tech duets over the broadcast as they build towards attempting to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The United States squad will also perform its "Robot" routine ahead of the postponed qualification tournament.

The International Swimming Federation approved the virtual Artistic Swimming World Series in December.

Routines will be judged by FINA officials.

Canada will also air a virtual competition in May.