World Para Powerlifting and Eleiko are to provide integrated lift analysis technology for athletes ©Eleiko

World Para Powerlifting (WPPO) and Eleiko have joined forces to provide integrated lift analysis technology for athletes.

Global powerlifting equipment manufacturer Eleiko collaborated with velocity strength training technology provider Vmaxpro to create a new sensor designed for seamless integration with WPPO competition bars.  

Integrating the sensors into the bars will allow athletes to get accurate data without the distraction of external measurement solutions that could negatively impact lifting routines and performance.

Athletes are set to be provided with detailed lift and movement analysis and recommendations for loads based on readiness and velocity measures through the Vmaxpro mobile app.

The dual sensors will also give in-depth information about each lift including bar path, rotation and inclination, and power or velocity for every moment of a lift.

Data can be synced to video footage to give athletes and coaches insight into every moment of the lift. 

WPPO signed a five year partnership agreement with Eleiko in January 2019, extending an existing deal that was first agreed on in 2014. 

The partnership between World Para Powerlifting and Eleiko began in 2014 ©Getty Images
The partnership between World Para Powerlifting and Eleiko began in 2014 ©Getty Images

"We have been working with this project since 2016 and we are really honoured to announce World Para Powerlifting as the first federation to be integrating the new Eleiko technology into training and competition," said WPPO head Jorge Moreno.

"As a high-performance sport, we want to be at the forefront of innovation and we are always looking at bringing new opportunities and tools to our athletes and members. 

"We will now continue to work with Eleiko to further apply the new technology into our events."

Eleiko chief executive Erik Blomberg revealed he was "excited" about the collaboration with WPPO. 

"We continually explore how to innovate our products to support athletes in achieving their strongest performances," he said. 

"With this project, we are excited to both collaborate with our long time partners at the World Para Powerlifting to help shape the future of strength sports, but also push the boundaries for technology integration with free weight equipment incorporating highly accurate lift analytics capabilities into our product."