The Nigeria Teqball Federation hopes to grow across the country ©Nigeria Teqball Federation

The vice-president of the Nigeria Teqball Federation, Alhaji Adam Mouktar Mohammed, has said the sport is spreading rapidly in the country because of its appeal to all ages.

Speaking to Nigerian publication The Daily Trust, Mohammed expressed his delight for the "amazing" growth of teqball in the African nation.

"It's a very exciting and attractive sport," said Mohammed.

"It is gaining popularity at an alarming speed.

"As a matter of fact, it is considered as the fastest growing sport in the world.

"The sport is spreading fast in the country because Nigerians like fun and any new sport that is entertaining – it's easy to set-up and play the sport with a table.

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Posted by Nigeria Teqball Federation on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

"At the moment, more than 21 states have representatives and the game is still growing.

"As a federation, we are creating awareness through the media and social media and it's gaining momentum."

Mohammed is well-versed in sport in Nigeria, as he is also acting as the chairman of the Federal Capital Territory Football Association in Abuja.

The teqball body is looking to spread its influence to the more isolated parts of the nation in order to create a nationwide sport.

Mohammed believes there is a contrast between teqball and other ball games such as football, basketball and volleyball.

The reason he believes teqball is attractive is its ability to limit mobility for older players.

Because the game is played on a table with a similarity to table tennis, players do not need to run a lot to participate.