Amber Rose Stackpole and Amie Thompson will return for a second Olympics ©Getty Images

Australia have selected an eight-strong artistic swimming squad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Rio 2016 Olympians Hannah Cross, Emily Rogers, Amber Rose Stackpole and Amie Thompson will return in the Japanese capital.

They will be joined by Jane Fruzynski, Kiera Gazzard, Kirsten Kinash and Rachel Presse who will all make their Olympic debuts.

All eight will compete together in the team event, while Thompson and Stackpole will also see action in the duet.

Australia qualified for the Olympics at last year's World Aquatics Championships in Gwangju, where they finished above New Zealand to claim the place for Oceania.

"It is a privilege to announce the artistic swimming team for Tokyo 2020 today," said Australia's Chef de Mission Ian Chesterman.

"These are all athletes from a relatively small sport who have worked so hard and sacrificed a great deal to make it to Tokyo and represent Australia at the Olympic Games.

"Their selection is not only a great personal achievement, but it will also inspire the next generation of artistic swimmers to pursue their goals towards Paris 2024, LA 2028 and hopefully Brisbane 2032.

"To those off to their second Olympics, welcome back to the Australian Olympic team and to the four first-timers, congratulations and welcome aboard.

Four artistic swimmers will make their Olympic debuts for Australia ©Getty Images
Four artistic swimmers will make their Olympic debuts for Australia ©Getty Images

"Making an Olympic team is a remarkable achievement, and it has been the work of many that have made this possible, so my thanks go to families, friends, coaches, support staff and everyone at Artistic Swimming Australia who have played a vital role in reaching this milestone.

"I look forward to following the team's progress in the upcoming months as they build towards Tokyo 2020."

Australia finished last in the team event at Rio 2016, where eight countries competed.

"Making this team shows it's about the journey and sacrifices we make, and that perseverance can end in this beautiful experience of the Olympic Games," said Thompson.

"I had tried synchro when I was young and loved it, but there wasn't a club near me. 

"One day I found a flyer for a new club opening near us and it changed my life – if I hadn't seen that flyer and given it a go I never would have been on this Olympic journey.

"It feels so good to say I'm going to my second Olympics. 

"It's been fantastic to see the team grow and develop and be in the really strong place we're in today, and I'm really excited to contest the duet in Tokyo."