The 2020 Fistball World Tour Final is to take place in Birmingham - a year before the American city is due to host the World Games ©IFA

The International Fistball Association (IFA) Fistball World Tour Final will take place in Birmingham in the United States next year, it has been announced.

The winners of the continental club competitions and the best two teams in the World Tour Ranking will meet in the city where the World Games is due be held a year later in a women’s and a men’s competition.

The IFA Fistball World Tour Final is due to take place between July 17 and 19, almost exactly a year before the World Games are set to take place in the Alabama city. 

"The World Tour Finals 2020 is a great opportunity for us to put our plans [for fistball] into practice before the World Games 2021," Steve Mistrot, vice-president of sports for Birmingham 2021, said. 

"Both events are very similar in terms of the number of athletes and the procedures. 

"In addition, we want to use the World Tour Finals to further raise the profile of fistball in North America. 

"We are looking forward to great matches from the best fistball teams in the world and a high-class event."

Germany's TSV Dennach celebrate winning this year's Fistball World Tour Final in Salzburg ©IFA
Germany's TSV Dennach celebrate winning this year's Fistball World Tour Final in Salzburg ©IFA

The defending men and women's champions TSV Pfungstadt and TSV Dennach, both from Germany, are among the teams set to compete. 

They won their titles at this year's Championships in Salzburg. 

"We will see the best eight women’s and men’s teams that have qualified as continental champions or via the World Tour," Winfried Kronsteiner, chairman of the IFA Sports Commission and founder of the World Tour, said.

"Each of the nearly 115 teams that took part in the World Tour had the chance to qualify for the final. 

"Our fistball sport is growing worldwide and is constantly opening up new regions.

"Our still young World Tour is also constantly evolving."