Kim Tae-yun is among five South Korean speed skaters handed extended suspensions for drinking at a training facility ©Getty Images

Five South Korean speed skaters suspended after being caught drinking alcohol at a national training facility have had their bans tripled by the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (KSOC).

Olympic medallists Kim Tae-yun and Kim Cheol-min, along with Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jin-su and Noh Jun-soo, were suspended for two months by the Korean Skating Union (KSU) after the incident at the National Training Center on June 27.

The Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (KSOC) has announced the five will instead be suspended for six months.

The extended ban rules the five skaters out of the South Korean team trials in October, as well as the training camp in Canada next month.

KSOC have also suspended national speed skating head coach Lee In-sik for a month and ordered all skaters to complete 24 hours of community service.

Drinking at the facility is strictly prohibited under KSU rules.

Kim Cheol-min has also been given an extended ban, and will miss the national team trials ©Getty Images
Kim Cheol-min has also been given an extended ban, and will miss the national team trials ©Getty Images

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, the KSU was criticised for the five speed skaters getting what it described as "only a slap on the wrist", with KSOC choosing to impose harsher punishments.

Kim Tae-yun is the 2018 Olympic bronze medallist in the men's 1,000m, while Kim Cheol-min won silver in the men's team pursuit in 2014.

It is the latest controversy to damage the KSU, which recently banned Olympic short track gold medallist Lim Hyo-jun after he pulled down a male colleague's trousers in front of female team mates.

The most serious case saw Cho Jae-beom, the former national team coach, convicted of physically assaulting double Olympic gold medallist Shim Suk-hee.

He is due to stand trial on separate charges of sexual assault, with the case leading to a wider probe across sport in the country.

Another incident saw Kim Gun-woo handed a one-month ban after entering the women's dormitory at Jincheon, with Kim Ye-jin, who gave him access, receiving a reprimand and 10 hours of community service.