The Ju-Jitsu International Federation has prevented Ali Munfaredi from participating in the 2018 Asian Games ©Asian Games 2018

A Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) panel has declined its jurisdiction to decide a case which has seen the Bahrain Olympic Committee challenge a decision of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF), which has prevented its athlete Ali Munfaredi from participating in the 2018 Asian Games here.

The sanction was imposed due to the alleged improper behaviour of Munfaredi, who also filed an application to CAS to challenge the JJIF's decision.

This marks the second dispute that the CAS Ad-Hoc Division at the Games has dealt with.

"The CAS Panel noted that the dispute submitted by the applicants was outside the jurisdiction of the CAS Ad-Hoc Division at the Asian Games and consequently declined its jurisdiction to decide the case on the merits," a statement reads.

In a statement sent to insidethegames, the JJIF says the case concerned its dispute with the Bahrain Martial Arts Federation (BMAF) regarding "accumulated violations of statutory membership requirements and further sporting rules".

"Beside financial obligation, the lack of participation in JJIF events was the main concern of JJIF Board," the statement reads.

"This includes the no-show of later suspended athletes at the World Games 2017 to which he (Munfaredi) was qualified by wild card (continental quota).

"Cancellation was announced on the day of arrival claiming an injury.

"As proof, a medical report from April 2017 was given but the athlete had successfully participated in professional events in that period.

"Furthermore he posted on social media conduction of a martial art seminar in the time of World Games.

"Seena Monfaradi (Monfaredi’s father) was invited as a referee to the World Games and he too cancelled on the official arrival date, without announcing reasons.

"The BMAF did not participate in any JJIF events after 2016 but showed massive participation activities in professional (non-JJIF) ju-jitsu events."

Ju-jitsu competition at the 2018 Asian Games is due to begin tomorrow ©JJIF
Ju-jitsu competition at the 2018 Asian Games is due to begin tomorrow ©JJIF

Having analysed the situation, the JJIF Board decided in April 2018 to suspend the BMAF temporarily to achieve a solution of the continuous problems.

In an Extraordinary Board meeting, the JJIF said it had resolved to lift the ban on the specific conditions that the BMAF should settle all outstanding financial obligations, should give a written undertaking to participate in JJIF and Ju-Jitsu Asian Union events, and should submit evidence of disciplinary action or measures it has taken against Munfaredi and his father.

The JJIF says the first condition has not yet been fully complied with but that it is regarded as a matter of further communication.

The body also states that the second condition has been complied with, but that the third has not as it is clear from a BMAF letter that no disciplinary action or measures have been taken, going against their own agreement.

"Instead, the BMAF has absolved the athlete and referee from all disciplinary action or measures," the JJIF statement reads.

"In this connection, the JJIF President (Panagiotis Theodoropoulos) by letter dated August 20, 2018, has reminded the BMAF that it is not complying with the conditions for the lifting of the temporary suspension, so that any participation of the Asian Games or other event should not been seen as a waiver of JJIF’s right to apply the resolutions fully.

"In due respect to the Asian Games and to the OCA and as sign of continued goodwill, the JJIF will not reinstate and enforce the BMAF suspension immediately and has resolved to give the other athletes from Bahrain their chance to compete in ju-jitsu events in Asian Games 2018.

"But further clarification is necessary."

Ju-jitsu competition at Jakarta Palembang 2018 is due to begin tomorrow.

It will be spread across three days. 

A total of eight gold medals will be won.

The 2018 Asian Games are scheduled to run until September 2.