OCA director general Husain Al Musallam opened the world broadcasters' meeting ©OCA

Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) director general Husain Al Musallam has claimed the 2018 Asian Games will provide broadcasters with "stunning" images, as the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang prepare to play host.

Al Musallam made the assertion at the first world broadcasters' meeting at the Jakarta Convention Centre, where discussions over the Games took place.

He informed the broadcasters that there would be 40 sports and 462 events, as well as esports as a demonstration competition.

"The sports programme will reflect the rich sports culture around the continent, and will give 10,000 athletes the opportunity to represent their flag in top-level international competition," said Al Musallam.

"We are sure the broadcasters will embrace this diverse range of sports - and project the energy of Asia around the world.

"With such an exotic background of Jakarta - one of Asia’s great cities - and the tropical Palembang, the 18th Asian Games will provide stunning images for the broadcasters to project around the world."

Proceedings are due to run from August 18 to September 2 with the event the 18th edition of the continental Games.

The meeting was attended by Erick Thohir, President of the Jakarta and Palembang 2018 Asian Games.

He assured broadcasters that all competition venues would be completed on time with construction set to finish by the end of this year.

Overlay inside the venues will be completed by January and March.

OCA director general Husain Al Musallam claimed broadcasters would benefit from stunning images at the Asian Games ©OCA
OCA director general Husain Al Musallam claimed broadcasters would benefit from stunning images at the Asian Games ©OCA

Thohir claimed the fact that some of the broadcasters had travelled a long distance to attend the meeting reflected the importance of it.

Al Musallam also highlighted the importance of the Games, claiming the event could help to foster cooperation across Asia.

"The OCA is very proud of our Asian Games - an event which is admired and respected by all the other continents in the five Olympic rings: Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Americas," he said.

"This will be the 18th edition - an unbroken sequence dating back to the first Asian Games in 1951.

"We believe that this is a remarkable achievement during frequent turbulent times across the continent.

"It also demonstrates the power of sport to bring people together from different countries and cultures, to unite the youth and to build bridges between race, religion and politics.

"This is why the Asian Games is so important to Asia - not just for the athletes but for the entire continent in creating peace, tolerance and harmony far away from the sports field."