By Paul Osborne and Nick Butler in Nanjing
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22:15 As they say in the movies, "that's a wrap", as all of the day's action comes to an end.

Be sure to join us again tomorrow at the normal time of 09:00 where we'll be bringing you all the news from the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games.


Last gold medals of the evening in 3x3 basketball

Nanjing 2014 gold medal21:57 Gold for Lucia Togores Carpintero in the shootout!

The 173cm Spaniard proves too good for the rest of the field as she shoots her way to basketball 3x3 glory.

Elaine Micunovic picks up a second silver of the evening for Slovenia while Katie Lou Samuelson of the Unites States claims bronze.

Lucia Togores Carpintero wins gold in the 3x3 basketball shootout ©Twitter

Quote marks"You can call me Air France."
- Karim Mouliom has found a new nickname after taking slam dunk gold here in Nanjing. To be fair, the boy was flying with some of those dunks...

Nanjing 2014 gold medal21:50 And France take gold in the slam dunk contest!

Karim Mouliom is the man that takes it after some simply breathtaking dunks.

The silver medal goes to Slovenia's Ziga Lah while China's Fu Le gives the home crowds something to cheer about with bronze.

Karim Mouliom wins gold in the slam dunk competition ©Twitter

21:45 In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school

Ooops, slight distraction there.... A relevant one, however, as we draw closer to the conclusion of the "b-ball" slam dunk and shootout contests

21:30 So it's all about 3x3 basketball from here on in. Or rather slam dunk and shootout basketball.

United States flag21:25 We haven't had too many opportunities to get the Stars and Stripes out the last few days, but Yount was the US Flagbearer so her victory holds some extra significance.

Kendall Yount is awarded heavyweight taekwondo gold ©USOC

Nanjing 2014 gold medal21:14 Yoann Miangue of France takes the final taekwondo title, in the boy's over 73kg division. He beats Denys Voronovskyy of Ukraine, 6-4, in the final.

Talha Bayram of Turkey and Lin Jintao of China take the two bronze medals, with the Chinese player losing a thrilling semi-final to the eventual gold medal winner, 10-9.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal21:08 Kendall Mount of the US has won the first taekwondo gold medal of the evening, on the final day of action in both Olympic martial arts here in Nanjing.

Mount defeated Umida Abdullaeva of Uzbekistan in the final, as a strong day for the Asian country continues. I won't look into US-Uzbek relations...

Yuliia Miiuts of Ukraine and Li Chen of China take the two bronze medals.

A 6-0 win for Spain over South Africa in hockey5s and China are already 8-0 up on Germany. That is quite something by the host nation. 

Pakistan and New Zealand drew 5-5 earlier on.

Bulgaria FlagUzbekistan Flag20:56
In response to our post a few minutes ago, It appears that Bulgarian and Uzbek relations are going well.  

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski met with Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov in Samarkand on April 9. with the Eastern European leader making a stop on his way back from a visit to Vietnam.

He was received by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Rustam Azimov, with the politicians discussing bilateral cooperation especially within the economic sphere.

Maybe a communal pistol shooting programme might be the next step... The two countries also have a fairly strong rivalry in the sport of wrestling. 

Gold for Armenia in weightlifting

Nanjing 2014 gold medal20:45
He's done it. A huge lift of 177kg from Hakob Mkrtchyan of Armenia and he has won the under 77kg title!

Three kilograme behind, Venkat Rahul Ragala of India has to settle for silver, while bronze goes to Zhaslan Kaliyev of Kazakhstan. 

I am not sure how strong Bulgarian-Uzbek bilateral relations are, but they might be that bit stronger after today, when Lidia Nencheva and Vladimir Svechnikov teamed up to win the mixed pistol shooting event. 

Uzbekistan and Bulgaria celebrate shooting gold ©Nanjing 2014
"I feel that this medal will bring an honour to my country. When I finished I felt that I was the best shooter here and the best in the world and I'm proud of my country," Svechnikov, who won the first Uzbek gold medal of the Games, said.

"She's a good teammate, I like her, she's smart and she shot very well," he added on the subject of his partner, who returned the compliment.

"I'm very happy that I got him in my team because he was excellent today."

There were apparently some wild celebrations at the finish in the shooting, with Svechnikov even breaking out into some dance moves to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" between shots.

Uzbekistan and Bulgaria celebrate pistol success ©Nanjing 2014

20:20 A lot of people are not aware of how important tactics are in weightlifting. 

With each competitor having three lifts at a weight of their choice, lifters, or lifters coaches to be precise, provisionally decide before the competition starts. But they can then change their mind and this is where psychology comes into play.

Do you play safe and do a weight you know you can lift? Or do pick a slightly maybe, to con a rival into doing likewise and overreaching themselves?

 Hakob Mkrtchyan of Armenia is our leader in the under 77kg deep into the clean and jerk. He led after the snatch but has failed an attempt at 177kg. He needs to make this if he is going to stay in the lead really, because Venkat Rahul Ragala of India lifted 175kg so is level overall, although the Armenian still leads by virtue of his slightly lighter bodyweight.

Peru beat Honduras 3-1 in the end, a little earlier on in the football. It is now Cape Verde against Vanuatu.

Lots of athletics qualification action to report on now the penultimate night of pool action is over. 

Alex Hulley of Australia set a PB of 70.87 to lead the way in the girl's hammer. Wogene Sebisibe Sidame of Ethiopia then clocked a blistering 5:34.24 in the 2,000m steeplechase. If he kept that up for another kilometre over the Olympic distance, that would be the sort of time that would put you in an Olympic final. 

India, Kenya, China, British Virgin Islands and Antigua and Barbuda are other places from where heat winners have originated so far tonight. Now have those five countries ever been in the same sentence before? I don't think even the most rogue international "five men from different nationalities go into a bar" joke could pull that one off. 

Here is aforementioned trampoline gymnast Xueying Zhu in action. Alongside her in the other photo is a slightly older legend of Chinese sport, 110m hurdler Xiang Liu.

China celebrate trampolining gold ©TwitterLiu Xiang of China ©Getty Images
Twitter logo
Good job Xueying Zhu on winning gold in women's trampoline! Congrats to all gymnasts who took part!
- Youth Olympics tweet after another Chinese gold.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:38
It is another gold medal for China, surprise surprise, in a swimming relay. The quartet stop the clock at 3:49.19 to win by 1.2 seconds from Russia and Australia. 

Of all the sports in the Olympic programme, swimming is not one you associate with Chinese dominance. But they have been the outstanding nation here on home soil and that is why they have won more medals than anyone else. 

19:28Nanjing 2014 gold medal 
Maaike de Waard of The Netherlands has won the latest gold medal in the pool. She clocks 28.36 over 50m backstroke to win by exactly three tenths of a second.

Jessica Fullalove of Great Britain finishes second, while in third it is Gabrielle Fa'amausili of New Zealand.

I'm not sure if Nanjinglele has been quite as much of a hit as our lovable thistle Clyde was in Glasgow. But he (it?/she?) has been a huge success. Before the medal presentations at the golf, we were introduced to a famous and special guest. I turned around expecting it to be IOC vice-president Sir Craig Reedie - the medal presenter - but, no it was Nanjinglele.

And with the greatest of respect to the British Knight of the Realm, I'm not sure if he would have got as a big an ovation...

Here is Nanjinglele on the final night of the taekwondo...

Nanjinlele at the taekwondo ©WTF

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:00
Team Rouge has just won gold in the mixed international team event over in the judo.

The team, consisting of Morgane Duchene of France, Ayelen Elizeche of Argentina, Adrian Gandia of Puerto Rico, Mikhail Igolnikov of Russia, Lisa Mullenberg of The Netherlands, Maria Siderot of Portugal and Sukhrob Tursonov of Uzbekistan beat Team Geesink 4-2 in the final.

The bronze medals went to Team Doulliet and Team Xian.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:50 
Chinese gold in the pool as Hexin Yu adds more gold to the hosts ever-growing collection.

The 18-year-old swims home in 23.69 to seal his third gold medal of these Games.

Silver goes to Dylan Carter of Trinidad and Tobago who is just 0.12 seconds behind Yu, while Dutch swimmer Mathys Goosen finishes third.

Also tonight, the medals action is beginning soon in the mixed team judo, while the second weightlifting event of the day is just getting going.

Peru have taken a two-goal lead in the football over Honduras.

We are getting quite used to these sailing updates now. It was scheduled to be a rest day today anyway. The first medals will be won in the sport on Saturday (August 23). In fact, all four events will finish then.

Boy's and girls dinghy and windsurfing competitions, to be precise.

Quote marks
Due to the low wind speed, and according to the competition policy and rules of the International Sailing Federation, NYOGOC has decided to postpone the eighth round of men's and women's sailing competitions as well as the seventh and eighth rounds of men's and women's windsurfer competitions to 11:00, August 22. Three rounds of competitions will be held for both men's and women's sailing and windsurfer events, on Course A and Course B respectively.
- The latest Nanjing 2014 update on the sailing programme. 

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:17
What do they say about those buses, you wait hours for one and then two comes at once... Well, Egypt have only gone and won another gold medal. Akram Ahmed in the 800m freestyle this time. 

He clocks 7:54.29, with the silver medal going to Mykhailo Romanchuk of Ukraine. Henrik Christiansen of Norway takes bronze. 

Twitter logo
Brilliant night supporting @TeamGB's @elliedownie at @nanjing2014yog. Huge congratulations on your bronze medal
- British Olympic Association chairman Sebastian Coe on a good night at the gymnastics...

Sebastian Coe with British officals and team members ©Twitter

The time can only mean one thing, swimming medals time. But before we turn our attention back to the Nanjing International Sports Centre, a reminder that a football is just beginning this evening. It is Honduras versus Peru. 

Brazilian to face Pole in boy's singles tennis final

And he will play Orlando Moraes Luz of Brazil in the final after the South American player beats Jumpei Yamasaki of Japan 6-2, 4-6, 6-2. A player battling back after losing the second set has been a real theme of this tournament. 

So it will be Brazil v Poland in the final.

Back to the sport, I probably ought to, and Poland's Kamil Adrian Majchrzak is the first player through to the men's singles tennis final. He beats Andrey Rublov of Russia 6-4, 3-6, 6-4. 

There hasn't been as much musical analysis from the insidethegames team here in Nanjing as they was at Glasgow 2014. Possibly, the reason for that is that our editor Duncan Mackay is not here... as well as the fact we have attended less sport. And some, like the golf today, are not really sports that do music mid game. For obvious reasons.

That said, there were some great tunes being belted out at the beach volleyball the other day. Unsurprisingly, the best reaction from the crowd was for "Gangnam Style" by South Korean rapper PSY. Incheon 2014, please, please, take this onboard and include the song, in some way, in your Asian Games Opening Ceremony next month...

While we are trying to young and hip by considering even more innovative new disciplines, here is a gem of a little-known fact I have just unearthed. Hip hop legend Kanye West used to live in Nanjing!

At the age of 10, he moved here with his mother Donda, because she was a lecturer at Nanjing University. And here is a photo of pre-teenaged Kanye...

Now, why isn't he a Nanjing 2014 Ambassador? Surely "Harder, better, faster, stronger" is what the Olympics are all about...

Kanye West in Nanjing ©Twitter
Wins for South Korea over Angola and Brazil over China so far in handball this afternoon. 

In hockey 5s, Germany have beaten Mexico and Australia have won against Canada. 4-2 and 5-2 were the scorelines in those two matches. 

Remember, that there are team sports medals coming up later on, even if it is not really in a team event. It's the dunk and shoot-out contests in 3x3 basketball. Those competitions were held during the African Youth Games in Gabarone earlier this year, and it will be interesting to see if more of these skill-based events take off in other competitions. 

A keepy-uppy event in football perhaps? Who can serve the fastest in tennis? Highest jump in BMX? The possibilities are, well, perhaps not endless, but there's certainly a few. Or they could consider competitive versions of training methods... Who can hold the dreaded plank position the the longest, for example...

Nick Butler
"It's much hotter this afternoon in Nanjing. A relentless, sweaty and humid heat more like we saw here during the Asian Youth Games last year. Action has quietened down at at the golf following the conclusion of action today. Sprinklers are spraying the course and volunteers - there are so many of them - are joining together for photos. As ever at these Games, the volunteers seem to be enjoying themselves more than anyone, despite the hard, hard work they are doing. One told me yesterday, with a strange sense of pride, that he had managed one hour of sleep the night before. 'I might manage four or five tonight if I am lucky', he added..."
- Reporter Nick Butler at the golf

Gold medals for China and Egypt on day five

Gold for Sara Ahmed of Egypt in weightlifting ©Twitter

Nanjing 2014 gold medal16:56
Another gold medal to update you on, as Zhu Xueying of China wins the girl's event in trampoline gymnastics.

She scores 55.425 in the final, to beat Rana Nakano of Japan and Maria Zakharchuk of Russia into the other medal positions. 

Nanjing 2014 gold medal16:43
It's the first gold medal for Egypt, or any African country for that matter, at Nanjing 2014, as Sara Ahmed continues her form in the clean and jerk to win the under 63kg weightlifting competition.

The 16-year-old lifts a whopping total of 228kg to win ahead of Ana Lilia Duran Ayon of Mexico and Sofiya Zenchenko of Ukraine. 

Ankhtsetseg Munkhjantsan of Mongolia faded to fourth place.

We brought you the whereabouts of the Pyeongchang 2018 chief earlier on. Here is the Rio 2016 President, Carlos Nuzman. 

The Rio 2016 and ITTF President's meet at the table tennis ©Remy Gros/ITTF

President Nuzman was treated to a superb performance from his countryman Hugo Calderano, who went on to win bronze, the first Olympic Table Tennis medal for any Latin American country.

"The Table tennis venue in Nanjing was honoured with the presence of Carlos Nuzman, President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and IOC member," said ITTF chief Adhan Sharara. We discussed the development of table tennis in Brazil and the excellent performance of Hugo Calderano in Nanjing.

"I also explained the tremendous potential that Brazil has in table tennis and especially at the top level for 2020. Of course I also believe that Brazil will have a good performance in 2016, but the real result in my opinion will come in 2020.Here in Nanjing, Hugo made a historical performance by winning a medal amongst a very strong group of international players."

The clean and jerk section of the weightlifting has now begun. Sara Ahmad of Egypt is the current leader, ahead of Ankhtsetseg Munkhjantsan of Mongolia.

A final aerial shot of this very impressive golf course now now that the two strokeplay competitions have finished. Remember that the sport was banned in China until the early 1980s by the communist party as being too "bourgeois". 

But since the first course opened in 1984, the popularity of the sport has grown massively and this course is as good as any around. 

Zhongshan International Golf Course ©Nanjing 2014

 A meeting of the ANOC Athletes' Commission has taken place during the Games here in Nanjing.

ANOC Athletes Commission chair Barbara Kendall of New Zealand is alongside table tennis player Jean-Michel Saive of Belgium, rhythmic gymnast Alexandra Orlando of Canada and hurdler Amadou Dia Ba of Senegal. Last but not least is Claudia Bokel, the chair of the IOC Athletes' Commission.

Like another prominent IOC official, she is a former German fencer...

Twitter logo
#ANOC athletes commission meeting here in #Nanjing2014 great team great athletes although they do have...
- New Zealand's Barbara Kendell posts a picture of the ANOC Athletes' Commission

Members of the ANOC Athletes Commission ©Instagram

 We will move away from the golf for the moment now, and in weightlifting, the snatch component of the under 63 girl's competition has finished. Sara Ahmed of Egypt is our leader with 103kg, she is the only competition to successfully manage a three figure total. 

No African country has won a gold medal yet at these Games. I expect that will change when athletics medals action begins, but it may change here first...

Paratore wins Italian gold in boy's golf

Italian flag15:26
 Incidentally, Italy remain third on our insidethegames medals table with that victory. They're not going to catch China or Russia but they are doing a great job at the moment, ahead of Hungary and Great Britain in a strong European pack.

Perhaps, it was Nanjinglele who inspired the Thai player. Here he is watching him on the 18th hole. 

And the mascot is backing, in at least three different guises, running around the arena high-fiving, or rather colliding, with players, fans and officials alike, as we await the medal ceremony. 
Nanjinglele watching the golf ©Twitter
There's a more nervous atmosphere on the final hole, but Boonma has a chance to putt for bronze, and he sinks it! Norway take the final medal and Hovland of Norway has to be content with bronze.

We've played one playoff hole in the golf and there is nothing to split the two players. Onto the second we go...

Renato Paradore following his golf victory

Nanjing 2014 gold medal14:48
And gold does go to Renato Paratore of Italy in the boy's strokeplay golf. There's no nine-holes more important than the back nine of the final round and Paratore absolutely nailed them, to win on 11 under par ahead of Sweden's Markus Kinhult. 

There will be a play-off for bronze, between Viktor Hovland of Norway and Danthai Boonma of Thailand, the players ranked first and second respectively at the beginning of the day.

There's no consideration of double-bronze medals in golf, as we go onto a 55th hole...

Nick Butler
"Just bumped into a very relaxed IOC vice-president Sir Craig Reedie at the golf. In the absence of IGF President Peter Dawson, Sir Craig is on medals presenting duty today and, a keen golfer himself, he is clearly delighted to do so. 'I don't have time to play so much at the moment though,' he tells me a little wistfully. But he is full of praise for the Nanjing golf course and believes it is perfect for the young players due to the width of the fairways. He is also very impressed with South Korean champion, Lee Soyoung. 'Seven under-par, that is a great score,' he says."
- Nick Butler at the Zhongshan International Golf Club

The Italian has overhauled Sweden's Markus Kinhult, and unless the Swede does something remarkable on the final hole, the gold will go to Paratore. 

It's all changing in the boy's golf leaderboard after a glittering back nine from Renato Paratore, the Italian players whose 18th hold birdie put a mentioned a few moments ago. His final round was 66, but his back nine was 31, which is truly world class. 

He leads on 11 under par. 

Namibia flag14:22
An update from the Namibian National Olympic Committee on how the southern African nation have got on so far. 

Quote marks
Namibia's junior athletes have put up some strong performances during the fourth day of completion at the Youth Olympic Games.

Swimming ace Zanré Oberholzer started off things with a second place during her first heat in the 50 meter backstroke race with a time of 30.39 seconds. Unfortunatly, she wasn't quite was enough to advance to the semi-finals. Shortly thereafter, her team colleague Sonja Adelaar also made second place in her heat over 200 meter freestyle, but, like Oberholzer, her time wasn't good enough to advance.

In other action, cyclist Tristan de Lange managed to secure a superb seventh place during the Olympic Cross Country race. The 17-year old from Windhoek was a mere 3.30 minutes behind the eventual winner Jose Arevalo from Mexico. De Lange had already underlined his good from when he made the quarter-final of the Cross Country Eliminator race on Sunday, while his partner Pascal Marggraff also showed some exceptional performance's to date.

An interesting picture posted by the World Taekwondo Federation of the pre-competition entertainment over in the International Expo Centre.

It's going to be quiet there after today with fencing also having finished.

Some entertainment in the taekwondo ©WTF

A little flavour of what is to come this afternoon as we wait for the golf to conclude. Mixed team action is the order of the day in table tennis, rifle shooting and judo. Final day of action in taekwondo with the two heavyweight competitions. 

Trampoline gymnastics and handball are also recommencing soon, and it is boy's singles day in tennis.

Nick Butler
"A lovely atmosphere out on golf course as focus shifts to the final few holes of boy's event, although the humidity seems a few notches higher out here, so it is sweaty work. The atmosphere is very tranquil, with polite clapping the order of the day, although there is a hubbub of excitement whenever a player approaches the final green. And then that spell is broken as an Italian player sinks a brilliant, 10 metre put. "Italia, Italia" screams a lone supporter. It made me feel as if I was Stadio Flaminio watching their rugby team in action for a moment. Like rugby, golf is reappearing in the Olympic programme in Rio and this is a great advert so far, with the support, organisation and quality of play all top-notch. Jonas Liebich of Germany has shot a 66 to lead in the clubhouse, although there are plenty of players still out on the course."
- Reporter Nick Butler on Olympic history at the Zhongshan International Golf Club

First Olympic gold in golf for 110 years goes to South Korea

Nanjing 2014 gold medal13:42
And there it is. She holds her nerve on the 18th green, and Lee Soyoung of South Korea has won the girl's strokeplay title in golf. She finishes on seven under par, with a brilliant final round of 65.

It's a good course due to its width, which means there is a big margin for error in the tee-shots, and that is undoubtedly contributing to the high scores, but some superb play by these young stars as well.

Cheng Ssu-Chia of Taiwan takes silver and the bronze medal goes to Emily Kristine Pedersen of Denmark.

The 18th Green at the Zhongshan International golf course ©ITGAction in the golf at Nanjing 2014 ©ITG

We are getting towards the end of the golf now, and Lee Soyoung is closing in on the girl's title for South Korea. Ssu-Chia Cheng of Taiwan, however, is still chasing hard and is only one shot behind heading to the 18th. 

Lunch has just arrived in the media room at the golf. You have a choice of Western or Chinese food and the western option is, well, McDonalds or McDonalds. Much as I appreciate the work the company has done for the Olympic Movement, I slightly object to western food being generalised that way...

Ever the hypocrite however, I have gladly eaten my fill...

First medal for Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Flag12:55
Some more reaction to the impact that medals can bring now, in this case for Trinidad and Tobago.

Quote marks
"The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee congratulates Dylan Carter on his Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics bronze medal in the 50m freestyle final.

Dylan's performance is an inspiration to his teammates and all children, youth and young people who dream of excelling at the highest level of sport and being the best they can be.

The TTOC extends best wishes to Dylan and all the young athletes representing Trinidad and Tobago at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics as they continue to do their personal best in upcoming events."
- Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President, Brian Lewis, sends this update to insidethegames following Dylan Carter's swimming bronze medal last night.

Gold for Bulgaria-Uzbekistan in shooting

Twitter logo
Olympic Anthem playing at medal ceremony of #yogshooting 10m AP Mixed Teams
- ISSF Shooting Sport post this picture of a thoroughly international medals podium. For the record, gold for Europe and Asia, silver for Africa and Asia, and bronze for North America and Europe. 

The medals presentation in mixed pistol shooting ©Twitter

Nanjing 2014 gold medal12:40
Speaking of innovative competitions, a Bulgarian-Uzbekistan mixed team, gender and continent team have just won gold in the 10m air pistol pairs event. Lidia Nencheva and Vladimir Svechnikov beat Teh Xiu Yi and Ahmed Mohamed, of Singapore and Egypt respectively, in the final. 

A little earlier, Agate Rasmane of Latvia and Wilmar Madrid of Guatemala teamed up to win the bronze medal after getting the better of an Armenian-Taiwanese duo.

One complaint that perhaps could be made of our insidethegames live blog is that, due to logistical reasons, we are spending a lot of time stuck in the Media Centre rather than being "out in the field" soaking up the action first hand. Well, you cannot say that today...

Paul has gone off to the Sports Lab to check out the four exhibition sports being showcased at these Games - skateboarding, roller skating, sport climbing and wushu - and he will be joined by a certain IOC President a little later on there...

Meanwhile, I am still at the golf - okay, in the venue Media Centre at the Zhongshan International Golf Club at the moment to be precise, but not for long...

The first Olympic golf medals for 110 years will be awarded later on today.

Cycling at Nanjing 2014

 There is no cycling action today but it is not a sport we have spoken about too much so hear is a quick summary. It's a particularly innovative cycling competition here in Nanjing, remember, with only three gold medals being distributed: team boys, team girls and a mixed team relay event.

Both the boys and girls events have two athletes per nation. Each of the athletes must compete in two of the four races on offer here in Nanjing - BMX, road time trial, an Olympic-style cross country race, and a cross country elimination event. Every competitor will then compete in the road race with the results of all races combined to determine the winner.

With just the road race to come, Denmark are top of the overall girl's standing, but Czech Republic have won the two cross country races, the two mountain biking events they have participated in. The question is, will they able to transcend that form onto the road? 

Colombia lead from The Netherlands, Denmark and Mexico on the boy's side, with both road races taking place tomorrow. Two days later the mixed team relay event will take place.

Ivan Venter of South Africa in cross country action ©Getty Images

A nice touch in the judo which is about to get underway at 12:00. As today is the mixed international teams event, each team is set to be named after a judo great from times gone by. 

First up on the tatami will be Team Berghmans versus Team Kerr. 

Ingrid Berghamans is a Belgian judo star from the 1980s. She won 11 world medals including six gold between 1980 and 1989. George Kerr on the other hand is one of Britain's most decorated and respected sportsmen.
Read more on the duo, and others, at our Judo Hall of Fame.

I see Robert van de Walle's name on the team sheet who plays a big role in the International Judo Federation's development course. I met him in Zambia earlier this year for a course with southern African judo federations. A lovely guy and he definitely knows his judo. My blog on the experience can be found here... 

Away from me shamelessly plugging my own blog for a minute.. It's interesting that Pat Hickey's name isn't among the teams in the judo event.

The European Olympic Committees President may have a word or three to say about that.

The pommel horse is away and the trampolines are out as the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium transforms itself ahead of the trampolining competition.

Girls action gets underway from 13:30 today with the finals schedules an hour or so later at 14:40.

Boys will be given the change to bounce their way to glory tomorrow...

Boys and girls get set for the trampolining event today ©Facebook

Nick Butler"If the British rise in gymnastics has been one of the most amazing changes in sport over the last decade, the South Korean ascent in golf, particularly on the female side, has been equally phenomenal. Lee Soyoung held a two shot lead in the girl's event overnight, and is now four clear after four birdies over the first seven holes. Her two playing partners - Supremas Sangchan of Thailand and Cheung Sau-Chia of Taiwan - lie second and third. But there have been changes in the boy's event as Sweden's Markus Kinhult shoots three birdie's to move to eight under par, one short clear of Scandinavian rival Viktor Hovland of Norway."
- Nick Butler bringing us all the news from the Zongshan International Golf Club.

A Holy welcome for Cho

Pyeongchang 2018 head Cho Yang-ho enjoys a visit from the Pope ©Facebook

Facebook logo"It was a great honour to have your holiness on a Korean Air plane. His communication style is very down-to-earth, appealing to youths and non-catholic like me."
- Head of Pyeongchang 2018, Cho Yang-ho, who is also chairman and chief executive of Korean Air, enjoys a visit from the Pope.

Golden moment for Europe

Team Europe will be on a high after their gold and silver finish in the mixed relay triathlon event earlier today.

The team of Kristin Ranwig, Emilie Morier, Emil Deleuran Hansen and Ben Dijkstra won gold, while Sian Rainsley, Giulio Soldati, Carmen Gomez Cortes and Lehmann Bence took silver.

Team Europe 1 after their gold medal winning performance in the mixed relay triathlon ©TwitterTeam Europe 3 celebrate their silver medal ©Twitter

Over at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Natatorium heats for four of tomorrow's finals have run their course in the pool today.

Russia's Rozaliya Nasretdinova was fastest in the women's 50m freestyle; Brazil's Matheus Paulo de Santana and China's Hexin Yu qualify first in the men's 100m freestyle; Hungary's Liliana Szilagyi was quickest in the women's 100m butterfly; and Croatia's Nikola Obrovac has just gone fastest in the men's 50m breaststroke.

Semi-finals for these events will take place this evening.

Before that, there is still much action happening away from the medals with swimming, table tennis, beach volleyball and golf all ongoing.

After that thrilling mixed relay triathlon race we have a short break from medal action. Time for a coffee and a lie down, I'm sure...

The next medals will come from the Fangshan Shooting Hall in the 10m air pistol international teams event. Semi-final action begins at 11:00 with the gold medal final scheduled for 11:40.

Nick Butler"We were promised it would take 70 minutes to cover the 20km to the Zongshan International Golf Club and they weren't far wrong. My plans to catch up with some non-internet related work on the bus fell through when I promtly fell asleep. Waking up blearly eyed (and barely more awake!) it was to find the hustle and bustle of the city centre replaced by picturesque tree-lined roads and what can only be described as the Chinese suburbs. I arrived just in time to see some of the big names begin their rounds, but there will still be a few hours, and 18 holes, of play left before the medals are decided. The first Olympics medals in golf, I feel the need to add, for 110 years."
- Nick Butler drifting his way to a spot of golfing history in the making.

Nick Butler has found some friends to watch the final day of golf with ©ITG

Nanjing 2014 gold medal10:24
Ben Dijkstra's done it again! He beats continental compatriot (if that's a thing) Bence Lehmann to the line to take gold for Team Europe 1!

A great performance by Kristin Ranwig, Emilie Morier, Emil Deleuran Hansen and Dijkstra.

Team Europe 3 come home second while Daniel Hoy seals the bronze for Team Oceania.

New Zealand's Daniel Hoy proved he's got some legs on him during the individual race but he'll have to stick a motor on his feet to catch the leaders now. He is 35 seconds down on the front two but holds a 30 second cushion on fourth.

The race for gold is hotting up now as Team Europe 3's Bence Lehmann enters the run on par with Team Europe 1's Ben Dijkstra. The Briton has down this once already at these Games when he beat Daniel Hoy in the men's individual race. Will it be another photo finish here?

There's been a change of leaders in the triathlon as Germany's Carmen Gomez Cortes puts Team Europe 3 in front.

She hands over to Hungary's Bence Lehmann for the final change.

It's Team Europe 3 followed by Team Europe 1, while Team Oceania is 34 seconds down in third. They'll be chased all the way to the line by Team Europe 4 who are around 20 seconds further back... Great stuff here!

Stepping away from the triathlon for a moment with an update on the final day of golf.

Players are heading to the course in connection with their overall scores from the first two rounds, meaning the leaders coming into the final day tee off last (in most cases anyway, it seems).

Play is perfectly poised in both contests with four golfers within two strokes of each other in the men's and three in the women's.

Norway's Viktor Hovland leads the way for the men as he sits a stroke up on Thailand's Denthai Boonma with Brett Coletta of Australia and Marcus Kinhalt of Sweden a further shot behind.

South Korea's Soyoung Lee holds a two stroke lead in the women's with Supamas Sangchan of Thailand and Ssu-Chia Cheng of Taiwan sitting in her wake.

This mixed relay event is raced over the "Super Sprint" format with a 250m swim, 6.6km bike and 2.8km run. The top female athlete, Brittany Dutton, complete the course in 21 minutes with the males finishing around a minute or so quicker on average.

Team Oceania have a 23 second lead now but the team has picked up a 10 second penalty. This can be served by an athlete on the run. It'll have to be Elizabeth Stannard or Daniel Hoy, however, with just the two athletes left to race in this mixed relay event.

There's are a lot of European runners behind her as she enters the bike phase with Europe 1, 2 and 4 all in hot pursuit.

Team Europe 1 were down in seventh after the first handover. You'd expect the team to put in a strong podium challenge with the third and fourth place finishers from the girls race, Emilie Morier and Kirstin Ranwig both in the team. The boy's side is made up of bronze medallist Emil Deleuran Hansen who is on course now, and gold medallist Ben Dijkstra.

Back at the triathlon and Australia's Brittany Dutton has moved Team Oceania into the lead. The Aussie won the women's race after a well timed break on the bike. She's done the same again here as she hands over to Australian team mate Jack van Stek for the first change. 

Team Europe three and four, and America two lead the chase behind her. They are 20 seconds back...

Brittany Dutton puts Team Oceania in the lead in the triathlon ©Twitter

The 10m air pistol international teams competition will bear fruit later this morning as quarter-final action plays out at the Fangshan Shooting Hall as I type.

The event sees a boy and a girl from different nation's paired with one another, with pairs chosen by their rank in the earlier individual competition. The first rank boy and 20th ranked girl are placed in the same team with this theme continuing until the 20th ranked boy is placed with the first ranked girl. Pairing are changed if two athletes of the same nation are paired with one another via this method.

After their rest day yesterday, beach volleyball players were up bright and early to continue their preliminary Pool play with wins for men's pairs from Oman and Canada already this morning, as well as Vietnam and Taiwan in the women's.

We have, of course, got a whole pallet of medal action on offer again today with 15 medal events across nine sports.

The mixed team triathlon relay will be the first medal opportunity for competitors today with the contest following the inclusive, friendship feel of these Games by having athletes compete by continent.

There are five teams from Europe competing in the race alongside four from America three from Asia, one from Oceania and two world teams.

Good morning, and welcome back for the fifth day of sporting action here at the Summer Youth Olympic Games.