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insidethegames.biz has a section dedicated to Boxing which is sponsored by the International Boxing Association (IBA)?

Read all the Boxing News.

Find out about International Boxing Day, held annually on August 27.

Learn about the IBA Board of Directors.

Read how IBA put athletes first.

Check out officials, judges and scoring.

Discover the stars of amateur boxing.

Trace the history of IBA back to Boxing making its Olympic Games debut in St Louis in 1904.

Discover the IBA elite World Championships held for men, women and youth boxers.

Learn about the World Boxing Tour, the circuit of competitions organised by IBA.

Look at the global reach of boxing.

Browse the calendar of events.

Look back at the IBA Men’s World Boxing Championships 2023, the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships 2023, plus previous World Boxing Championships Live Blogs, Medals and Results Tables.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest boxing news and information about International Boxing Day on the IBA Social Hub.

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