Nathan Homer_30-03-12Nathan Homer, the Olympic Projects Director of P&G UK and Ireland, tells us about how he can't wait for the London 2012 Games and reminds us all to say thank you to our mothers.

What is your role in P&G's involvement of the Games?

As the Olympic projects director of P&G UK and Ireland, I am currently leading a lot of our work around London 2012. One of the big things we are doing for the Games is the "Thank You Mum" campaign, which looks to reward mums of top athletes for the support they have provided to the children in helping them make it to the Games. We are calling on the nation to tell their mums how much they appreciate them. We feel it is something that is very different and unique for a sponsor to be doing and we are very proud of it.

Jacques Rogge_with_Marc_Pritchard_PG_Innsbruck_13_2012
Why does your organisation support the Games?

We signed as TOP sponsor of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2010 and are proud to support the Olympic Movement. This partnership allows us to continue building our business around the globe by offering all of our brands an opportunity to leverage the marketing power of the Olympic Movement. But, this is about more than just a sponsorship. We want to utilise the partnership to further deliver on our purpose-inspired growth strategy to improve more lives, more completely around the world with a focus on making life better for athletes, mums and their families. For P&G, it's about partnering with the IOC to make life better for athletes, mums and their families as we take the Olympic Movement to our four billion customers around the world that our brands already serve.

turin 2006_olympic_opening_ceremony_30-03-12
What is your favourite Games' memory?

I would have to say the whole of the Turin Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games back in 2006. The reason is that I was living in Turin ahead of the Games and I saw how the Olympics and Paralympics completely transformed the area. It really made me realise just how much the Games change the atmosphere of a place and the energy and the excitement that it brings with it. I know that it will be exactly the same at London 2012 so I really cannot wait for it.