An LGBT group has lodged a complaint towards players and Ligue 1 clubs. GETTY IMAGES

A French organisation advocating against homophobia in football lodged a complaint against Ligue 1 players Mohamed Camara, Mostafa Mohamed, and Nabil Bentaleb, as well as their respective clubs, for "public provocation towards hatred because of sexual orientation" on Wednesday.

The "Bleus et Fiers" (Blue and Proud) association has targeted Camara, Mohamed, and Bentaleb, along with their respective teams Monaco, Nantes, and Lille, as well as the French League (LFP), for their conduct during and after an anti-homophobia campaign in Ligue 1 on 19 May, according to a source familiar with the matter as reported by AFP.

Mali midfielder Camara received a four-match ban from the LFP for failing to support the French league's campaign against homophobia. He covered the logo on the front of his shirt while playing for Monaco against Nantes in the season's final match. Additionally, he opted out of participating in a group photo where both teams stood behind a banner in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

The 'Bleus et Fiers' association contends that the punishment handed down by the LFP was insufficient. According to the disciplinary guidelines of the French Football Federation, the Malian player could have faced a 10-match suspension. 

The association also alleged that Nantes' Egyptian forward Mohamed, aged 26, "declined to participate in the match to avoid wearing the t-shirt with messages supporting the fight against homophobia" for the second consecutive year. Lille's French-born Algerian midfielder Bentaleb, aged 29, was accused of evading participation in a photo shoot in front of the LFP's anti-homophobia banner.

"Bleus et Fiers" also lodged a complaint against the players' clubs, Monaco, Nantes, and Lille, alleging "a lack of strong reactions" and "complacency". Monaco's general manager, Thiago Scuro, stated after the match that Camara did not participate in the campaign "for religious reasons".

The Riviera club issued an apology and hinted at potential internal sanctions against the player. The LFP is accused of failing "to file a report to the public prosecutor regarding any criminal behavior, in this case aggravated by sexual orientation or gender identity".

The LFP declined to comment on this matter but highlighted its awareness workshops against homophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism in all professional clubs. To date, 89 workshops have been conducted in 32 different clubs involving players, coaches, and supporters.