A protest against increasing noise levels at Brisbane Airport is planned tomorrow, but expansion is considered inevitable before the Australian city hosts the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport has pledged to press for a change in flightpaths approaching the city as it expands to welcome the Olympics and Paralympics in 2032.

A "community protest" by the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA) is set to take place at Brisbane Airport tomorrow to protest against increasing noise levels.

Some have also called for a curfew on night flights.

"We are absolutely committed to making sure that airport operations are as light touch both on the community and the environment as possible," Brisbane Airport Corporation public affairs head Stephen Beckett told Insidethegames.

"Brisbane Airport Corporation acknowledges for many people who do live close to the airport or under flight paths that noise is a genuine issue."

The schedule for flights into Brisbane Airport is devised by the Federal Australian Government agency Airservices Australia.

"Brisbane Airport is highly motivated to take concerns that the community has to Airservices Australia," Beckett said.

"We are working very very hard with Airservices Australia who design the flightpaths.

He does not believe a ban on night flights will solve noise problems.

"The type of relief won’t be delivered by night time curfews, the majority of complaints are about daytime flights.

"We’ve spoken to a a range of experts including the former Ombudsman.

"The challenge with curfews is that air schedule aircrafts come in thick and fast up to that curfew and it has the unintended consequence of giving a very intense noise profile to those communities living under them and actually creates a worse and more intense period of noise."

Brisbane Airport is set to build a new terminal for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Brisbane Airport
Brisbane Airport is set to build a new terminal for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Brisbane Airport

Instead, airport authorities are pressing for more flights to make their approach from over the water.

"We actually agree, we would like to see as many aircraft approach and depart the airport over the water of Moreton Bay and that’s pretty much the feedback that community has been providing at ASA community forums as well.

Beckett conceded that the expansion of the airport was inevitable with the Olympics approaching.

A new terminal originally planned for 2030 is now set to be built before the Olympics.

"Much of the growth we are catering for is related to the very strong population growth that we have in this state," Beckett said.

"It makes sense if we are going to host such a world renowned event that we accelerate that programme and that concept, so that we have the best terminal befitting the host city of an Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"When Brisbane was bidding for the Games, having an international airport that could cater for the volume of people that would come in a very short space of time was absolutely front and centre.

"Brisbane Airport will be the very first impression when people come to the Games, so we want the airport to put its best foot forward and it will also be the last thing people remember when they leave, we want people to arrive in a really efficient, inclusive airport."