More than 5,000 volunteer applications have been received for the Pacific Games ©Sol 2023

More than 5,000 people have come forward to become a volunteer at this year's Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands.

Organisers confirmed the figure after the application period for online submissions and hard copies came to a close after launching on April 15.

The process of shortlisting and interviewing the best contenders will now begin, with 3,000 volunteers due to be chosen.

"We can confirm receiving and recording approximately 3,129 application forms in our database," said volunteer supervisor Donisan Kelly.

"Two thousand plus applications have yet to be encoded in the system, with a further 800 expected to come in from various sports federations in the country.

"The shortlisting and interview process will be done using a system designed to identify applicants with specific skills, and group them accordingly. 

"It is also based on the various Games time volunteer roles that applicants have selected.

"This enables us to easily collect and contact the relevant applicants for the interview process."

Three thousand volunteers will ultimately be selected ©Sol 2023
Three thousand volunteers will ultimately be selected ©Sol 2023

The additional 800 applications from federations will come from the 24 sports which are on the Pacific Games programme.

"Only 3,000 volunteers will be selected, however there are many other ways to get involved with the Games, through our community groups programme, Team Solomons or as a spectator," Kelly added.

"The Organising Committee is overwhelmed by the interest in volunteering for the Games and we appreciate the support from the community. 

"We were looking to recruit only 3,000 volunteers and could not believe that we have exceeded our goal in less than a month."

The Pacific Games are due to run between November 19 and December 2.

The dates were pushed back from July due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.