Bilal Mallakh won the b-boys competition in Rabat ©WDSF

Bilal Mallakh and Fatima El-Mamouny of Morocco have made history by becoming the first athletes ever to qualify for an Olympic Games in breaking.

The pair were victorious on home soil at the inaugural World Dance Sport Federation African Breaking Championships in Rabat, to book their places for breaking's Olympic debut at Paris 2024.

Mallakh, competing in the b-boys category using the nickname Billy, defeated compatriot Taoufik Amrani at Theatre Mohamed V after winning the third battle 5-4 on the scorecards of the nine judges.

The opening two rounds between the pair had been shared.

El-Mamouny, nicknamed Elmamouny, won her b-girls final against South Africa's Midian Leah Ganyaza.

The Moroccan won the first battle 6-3 before Ganyaza struck back to take the second 5-4.

In the third, El-Mamouny got the nod from all nine judges to triumph.

"I won the battle for Africa and it was a good feeling, a good fight, good energy," said Mallakh.

"The crowd was so hot. 

"I'm going to represent Morocco at next year's Olympic Games in Paris, France, so let's do something hot."

Elmamouny added: "It's super, super, super crazy to win this.

Fatima El-Mamouny was the b-girls winner at the first African Breaking Championships ©WDSF
Fatima El-Mamouny was the b-girls winner at the first African Breaking Championships ©WDSF

"For me it was so hard because my dad was in the hospital and to battle at this time was very hard. 

"But I wanted to do it for him and I did it for him."

Breaking, or breakdancing, was added to the Paris 2024 programme in December 2020 as part of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) drive to appeal to younger audiences.

Thirty-two athletes - 16 male and 16 female - are due to compete in the French capital.

Twenty of these will book their places in the Olympic Qualifier Series, a three-leg IOC-led competition set to be held from March to June in 2024.

One male and one female place are also available through the World Championships and other continental events, such as the African Championships.

The next chance to qualify will be at the European Games in Poland next month.

France will be guaranteed one athlete in each competition as the host nation.