The University of Nebraska are hoping to set a one-day United States women's sports attendance record of more than 90,000 at "Volleyball  Day" in August ©University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska are hoping to break the attendance record for a one-day women’s sports event after announcing "Volleyball Day".

They are already well on target to smash the previous record of 90,000 having sold nearly 83,000 tickets for the outdoor event at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln on August 30.

The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) event will see the local team, known as the Cornhuskers, take on local rivals University of Nebraska Omaha.

As part of a local doubleheader celebrating the impact of volleyball on the state, Nebraska-Kearney will play Wayne State in an NCAA Division II exhibition match before the main event.

Since tickets went on sale at the end of last month, University of Nebraska’s athletic department announced that all 82,900 tickets have been sold.

The University of Nebraska are now investigating whether they can increase the capacity to challenge the record.

"Nebraska fans never cease to amaze me," the University’s athletic director Trev Alberts said.

"We knew the interest in this match would be extremely high, but to sell out Memorial Stadium is truly remarkable.

“I've heard lots of talk about breaking the NCAA volleyball attendance record but given the incredible demand for this event we want to explore every avenue to see if it's possible to challenge the record for the most attended women's sporting event in this country.

“We are truly grateful!"

A maximum capacity for the event still has to be finalised.

At least 4,000 field-level seats at Memorial Stadium, which has a capacity of about 85,000, will go to students.

The NCAA volleyball record for any match is 18,755, set when Nebraska played Wisconsin in the 2021 National Championship match indoors in Columbus in Ohio.

The regular-season record is 16,833, set when Wisconsin hosted Florida last September.

The largest crowd to attend a women's sporting event in the US was 90,185 fans the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup final between the US and China at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in California.

The world record is 91,553, set when Barcelona played Real Madrid in Spain in a UEFA Women's Champions League match in 2022.

Volleyball is the most popular women's sport in Nebraska.

The Huskers have won five national titles and sold out an NCAA-record 303 consecutive regular-season matches.

They averaged 8,190 fans per match at the Devaney Sports Center last season and have led the nation in attendance every year since 2013.

Of the 14 largest NCAA regular-season crowds, 13 have involved the Huskers. Wayne State and Nebraska-Kearney both rank in the top 10 in Division II attendance.

The Huskers are the best supported women's volleyball team in the NCAA ©University of Nebraska
The Huskers are the best supported women's volleyball team in the NCAA ©University of Nebraska

"There is No Place Like Nebraska,” Nebraska head coach John Cook said.

“What more can you say?"

“We knew there was a lot of interest in this event based on the reaction we've had the last couple of months traveling around the state and the country.

“But to sell out more than 80,000 tickets already?

“It's unreal.

“Our team was already pumped up about Volleyball Day in Nebraska, but now I can't even imagine how excited they are going to be for this.

“It's epic."